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Tag: fake accounts

Instagram Has a Bot Problem, Despite ‘Purge’, Say Researchers
After looking at over 10.2 million accounts and studying the behavior of 20,000 purchased fake accounts, some Italian researchers have concluded that ...
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Florida Man Used Fake Facebook Accounts to Lure Minors for Sex, Brought Baby Along for Meetup
A Florida Man is facing charges of unlawful sexual activity with a minor after police say he used Facebook to convince underage girls to meet him for ...
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Your Instagram Followers May Have Dropped – A Bunch of Celebrities’ Sure Did
If you recently awoke to find you now have significantly fewer followers on Instagram than you once had – get used to it. They’re likely not c...
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Facebook Sure Would Like the DEA to Stop Impersonating People
Though the US Justice Department thinks the Drug Enforcement Agency has the right to impersonate people on Facebook for “law enforcement purpose...
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These Phony Twitter Accounts Can’t Verify You (Hint: They’re Not Even Verified Themselves)
I know that it would be really cool to be verified on Twitter. It would mean that you were important – important enough to need a verified accou...
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Taliban Using Blonde, Buxom Beauties to Gain Intel on Facebook
In many ways, it’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it’s being used in a very modern way. I’d like to think that most peopl...
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Facebook Goes After Fraudulent Likes
In order to cut down on fraudulent “likes” across the network, Facebook has announced that they have upped their automated efforts to remo...
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President Obama’s Fake Twitter Followers Outnumber Mitt Romney’s Total Followers 6 to 1
It’s pretty safe to say that everyone on Twitter is followed by at least a few fake accounts. We always knew that bots ran rampant on the site, ...
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Over 27% of the Top 10 Twitter Accounts’ Followers Are Fake
Fake Twitter followers are on everyone’s mind. Last month, GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s Twitter followers jumped substantially...
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Facebook Likely Has 83 Million Fake Users
If you picked any Facebook user at random, there is nearly a 1 in 10 chance that the user you picked isn’t real. Maybe it’s a duplicate, m...
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Pinterest Spam: Site Seeing Influx Of Fake Accounts
As soon as any website starts to gain attention, it invariably becomes a target for spammers and scammers–people who create faux accounts in ord...
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Why The Murdochs Should Let That Wendi Deng Twitter Fake-Out Go Away
Turns out that fun-but-not-funny fake Twitter account of Rupert Murdoch’s wife Wendi Deng wasn’t so carefree after all. First there was th...
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