Florida Man Used Fake Facebook Accounts to Lure Minors for Sex, Brought Baby Along for Meetup

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A Florida Man is facing charges of unlawful sexual activity with a minor after police say he used Facebook to convince underage girls to meet him for sex.

The scheme was a bit more elaborate than just contacting young girls on Facebook and making a pass. 44-year-old Tadd Link Clukey reportedly created multiple fake profiles on the social network, posing as young, attractive girls with names like 'Amanda Panzone' and 'Kaitlyn Beth'.

According to reports, Clukey would then send out random friend requests and once he got a few girls to bite, he'd begin establishing a relationship with them over Facebook.

Eventually, the conversations moved from Facebook to the telephone.

After that, Clukey, posing as the girls, would gauge their interest in having sex with an older man for money. According to WSVN, Clukey was successful in convincing at least two young girls, aged 15 and 16.

For his first actual meetup, Clukey apparently brought a baby with him.

From WSVN:

One of Clukey's victims was a 15-year-old girl who said she accepted a random Facebook friend request from another girl named Kaitlyn Beth. The girl agreed to meet an older man. The girl said she entered Clukey's car where he asked her to remove her panties then penetrated her digitally. She told police Clukey did not do anything else because he had a baby boy "in a car seat in the rear seat of the truck."

Months later Clukey contacted the 15-year-old again, this time taking her to a motel where they had sex. According to a police report, Clukey drove to a pharmacy to purchase an emergency contraceptive pill and told the girl to take it.

The Sun-Sentinel has the info on the other case:

On August 10, Clukey again posed as a girl, this time named "Amanda." When a 16-year-old girl answered his friend request on Facebook, he asked her if she was interested in having sex with an older man for money, police said.

Clukey picked her up near her home. He drove her to a hotel in Margate where they had sex, then paid her and dropped her off, investigators said. They repeated the encounter a week later, according to police.

We've seen this exact M.O. play out in other cases of sexual misconduct involving Facebook. Usually, the predator will create multiple fake profiles – oftentimes pretending to be people closer to the targets' age – and use them to gain some level of trust with the victims. After that, they'll swing the idea of sex. We've seen this before – an older man pretending to be a young girl, who then brokers a sex-for-cash deal with an "older man".

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