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Netflix Earnings Report Includes Return To Profitability
Netflix released its Q2 earnings report today. Domestic streaming revenue was up to $533 million from $507 million the previous quarter. International...
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Disney May Adopt 28-Day Waiting Period For Redbox
For those of you wonder where John Carter is on Redbox, you may be shocked to find out the the company who made the film, Disney, has gone the way of ...
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Blu-ray and DVD Will Now Come with Unskippable Piracy Warnings
Blu-Rays and DVD’s will now come with a mandatory FBI and Homeland Security warning, arstechnica is reporting. The US government came out with t...
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Death for DVD, up with Streaming Video [Infographic]
Although physical DVD’s are still bringing in a lot of revenue for movie studios, they are slowly joining the ranks of Betamax, VHS, and Laserdi...
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The YouTube Collection: Your Favorite Viral Hits On DVD
YouTube, being the most popular online video site, sure has a lot of videos that people may want to watch even when their Internet is down. YouTube no...
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Internet to Surpass DVD in Movie Viewership
According to IHS Screen Digest, consumers will watch more movies on the internet than via DVD for the first time in 2012, while spending far less on t...
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DVR Usage Increasing Among Television Viewers
As television and devices that take advantage of our screen time continue to evolve, so does our utter obsession with using TV grow. Nielsen posted on...
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Verizon & Redbox Join Forces, But Will It Really Hurt Netflix?
The digital streaming space is about to get more crowded as Verizon and Redbox prepare to launch their own service. Yesterday, Coinstar, Redbox's pare...
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Warner Brothers Doubles Netflix DVD Window
When it rains it pours for Netflix, apparently. Yesterday we brought you news that HBO would stop selling bulk DVDs of its programming to Netflix at a...
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Netflix Reminder: Price Change in Two Days
Here at WebProNews, keeping you abreast about the goings-on in the tech industry is job one, but we’re also here to inform and, in some cases, r...
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Netflix Relief Fund: The Upper Middle Class Needs Your Help
It’s been a little over two weeks since Netflix announced their new pricing structure, essentially ruining the lives of everyone in its path. No...
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Netflix Price Hike Might Cost Them 12% of Dual-Subscribers
Maybe there was something to Reed Hasting’s shock about the level of outrage from subscribers following the recently announced price changes. In...
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Netflix: We Thought You Would Be More Upset About The Price Hike
The public reaction to the recent Netflix price change has calmed a bit, and although the interwebs are far from tranquil, we aren’t seeing the ...
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Netflix Searches Soaring Says Google
It’s not news that Netflix is crushing its competition within the world of streaming video.  Almost a third of all paid streamed content in Ame...
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