The YouTube Collection: Your Favorite Viral Hits On DVD

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YouTube, being the most popular online video site, sure has a lot of videos that people may want to watch even when their Internet is down. YouTube now has the solution to your problems. The company has announced a plan to offer all of their video content on DVD.

Announced today as "The YouTube Collection," it promises to collect all of your favorite YouTube videos onto DVDs for offline viewing. A genius move, I say, but what will YouTube on DVD look like? The company has graciously offered a preview by adding a home button to the video options that opens up a DVD menu. This lets you skip to scenes, turn off audio or begin the ordering process for your real DVDs.

The YouTube Collection: Your Favorite Viral Hits On DVD

The ordering process couldn't be easier. When you option to order The YouTube Collection, it asks you what kind of video you want. There's many options to choose from including the most popular video genres from YouTube including dubstep remixes and cover songs. Upon ordering your discs, you are taken to the shipping options for all 555,000 discs that are to be sent to your home. I suggest going with YouTube's own personal fleet of shipping trucks, but you are given other options like freight vessel. After all this, you are given the option of what format you want the videos on. DVD is the suggested format, but YouTube also offers their videos on other legacy formats including laser disc and betamax.

After all is said and done, my order came out to be a little under $3 million. That's a small price to pay for thousands of hours of entertainment whether I'm online or off. The price will fluctuate depending on how many genres you choose. I'm sure you could keep the price under $1 million if you ordered nothing but dubstep remixes.

The YouTube Collection: Your Favorite Viral Hits on DVD

Being serious for a moment, I usually hate April Fools Day. It's the one day of the year that companies make ridiculous announcements with some of them sounding real enough that reporters fall for them. YouTube is a champion of the good April Fools Day by making it entertaining and obviously not real. So our hats are off to the guys at YouTube for making another great April Fools Day joke this year.