Walmart Making Digital Vaccine Records Available to Customers

Walmart is the latest company pushing for digital vaccine records as a way for people to prove they have received the COVID-19 vaccination.

Deutsche Telekom Bidding on EU Vaccination Passport

T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom has submitted a bid to create a digital vaccination passport for the EU.

Deutsche Telekom Working to Deploy Aerial Base Stations

Deutsche Telekom has successfully completed a test of aircraft-mounted 4G antennas, in an effort to improve coverage.

Huawei Losing Ground as Deutsche Telekom and Bell Canada Choose Ericsson

Huawei has been shut out of some high-profile 5G contracts, as both Deutsche Telekom and Bell Canada have gone with Ericsson.

T-Mobile and Sprint Reach New Merger Agreement

Following their court win allowing their proposed merger to move forward, T-Mobile and Sprint have come to new terms.

Deutsche Telekom CEO Promises the ‘Best 5G Network’

Timotheus Hottges, CEO of T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom left no room for ambiguity regarding the company’s 5G plans.

Deutsche Telekom Renegotiating Sprint Deal

T-Mobile and Sprint may have been cleared for their merger by U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero, but T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom may be going back to the drawing board in some respects.

MWC Barcelona Canceled Amid Coronavirus Fears

This is just the latest example of the far-reaching impact of the coronavirus, as the death toll and infection rate continues to climb.

Deutsche Telekom Continuing With Multi-Vendor Equipment Approach

According to Reuters, Deutsche Telekom is not wavering in its approach to purchasing telecom equipment, continuing to a favor a multi-vendor approach. This is in direct contradiction to a report in magazine Wirtschaftswoche, whereby the publication claimed that Deutsche Telekom…

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Stepping Down In 2020

Few executives have had such an impact on their companies as T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere. During his time with the company, T-Mobile more than doubled its subscriber base, went from fourth to third place in the country and negotiated the…