Microsoft Gains Exclusive License to OpenAI’s GPT-3 Model

Microsoft has scored a big win in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), gaining an exclusive license for OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model.

CES 2020: PowerVision Unveils PowerEgg X Handheld, AI-Driven Drone

PowerVision made a splash at CES 2020 with an innovative drone that is small enough to double as a handheld camera and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its performance. PowerVision has long been known for making quality and innovative…

NVIDIA and Microsoft Join Forces to Accelerate AI Startups

NVIDIA Inception and Microsoft for Startups have partnered to help accelerate AI startups, according to a press release. The two companies unveiled their joint focus in Helsinki, at the startup event Slush. The partnership will aid companies in the AI…

AI Is Really Going To Change Everything

“We think that AI is really going to change everything,” says BeyondMinds co-founder Or Kramer. “We consider it the fourth revolution. It feels like AI is a huge buzzword right now and everything is AI and actually, it’s true. Every week there’s a new like state-of-the-art article that is being published and it’s changing completely how we do things.”

Rand Hindi: Human-Like Artificial Intelligence is Never Going to Exist

Dr. Rand Hindi says that without emotional intelligence machines will never be able to obtain human-like artificial intelligence. Reminiscent of Star Trek Next Generation, Hindi says that most decisions humans make are actually emotionally driven and machines don’t have an emotional IQ.

Intel Steps Into AI, Debuts Nervana Neural Network Processor

Intel might not have taken to AI immediately but the company is now scrambling to catch up. In a bid to assert its dominance, the Silicon Valley stalwart recently unveiled the Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor (NNP). These range of…

Twitter Acquires Machine Learning Company Madbits

Twitter has made another acquisition, picking up Madbits, which specializes in deep learning/machine learning, and has been working on technologies that can help extract information from raw media, such as images. This is the kind of thing that a company…