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Kickstarter Launches Recommendations To Help Projects Find the Right People
Kickstarter just announced the launch of a new Recommendations feature, which should help projects get in front of the right people (or at least some ...
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Kickstarter Launches ‘Projects We Love’ Badge
There are a ton of projects launched on Kickstarter all the time, and now, the crowdfunding platform has a new way to highlight stand-out projects. On...
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Kickstarter Finally Comes to Android
It’s hard to believe, but Kickstarter hasn’t had an Android app until now. They launched an iOS app about three years ago, but despite hav...
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Fat Guy Across America Hits $12K, Loses 70 LBS.
Fat Guy Across America, Eric Hites, has now raised $12,652 on He’s also got his wife back who is now riding with him an...
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Etsy Aims To Help Sellers Grow Their Businesses With Crowdfunding
Etsy announced that it is piloting a new crowdfunding platform called Fund on Etsy, which is aimed at helping sellers grow their businesses and create...
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Pornhub Wants $3.4M to Make the First Porn in Space
How does sex work in zero gravity? Pornhub wants to find out, and it’s asking for the internet’s help. Monetary help, that is. The massive...
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Rachael Farrokh: 40 Pound Anorexic Woman Makes Plea For Help On Crowdfunding Site
Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, indiegogo and GoFundMe have seen their share of people asking support for their latest movies, inventions or what...
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Should Entrepreneurs Seek Crowdfunding?
A lot of entrepreneurs in todays landscape must decide whether or not to go the crowdfunding route. If you ask multi-billionaire Richard Branson, you&...
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Super Troopers 2 Hits Crowdfunding Goal in a Day
We meow live in a world where we, the people, are spending our hard-earned money to help get movies off the ground. We did it for Veronica Mars, Zach ...
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Exploding Kittens Most Successful Games Kickstarter Ever
Exploding Kittens is an analog card game for 2-5 players. It is also incredibly highly aniticipated. Exploding Kittens closed down its crowd funding w...
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Anna Cardwell Launches GoFundMe Campaign, Deletes It
Anna Cardwell, of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo infamy, recently launched a vague $20,000 GoFundMe campaign, which she has since taken down. Cardwell’...
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Kickstarter Adds Shipping Options
Kickstarter announced the addition of a new feature that includes more built-in options for managing shipping of rewards for contributors. As the comp...
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Reddit Launches ‘Redditmade’ Crowdfunding Beta
Reddit announced a new crowdfunding project called redditmade, which is now in open beta. The company says it hopes the endeavor will lead to stronger...
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Kickstarter Opens Up in Scandinavia, Ireland
Kickstarter has just opened up projects in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Ireland – so if you’re a creator in one of those countries you can lau...
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Star Trek Town in Canada Crowdfunds Building Functional, Full-Size Enterprise
In the Canadian Badlands, in the province of Alberta, there is a little town called Vulcan. The folks in Vulcan take the responsibility inherent in th...
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Indiegogo’s iOS App Goes Global, Android App on the Way
Crowdfunding company Indiegogo has just joined the ranks of those with a native iOS app, launching the new version Thursday morning. The app was first...
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Elon Musk Gives $1M to Nikola Tesla Museum
In 2012, popular internet comic Matthew Inman, better known as The Oatmeal, published his most-viral comic to date – an ode to Nikola Tesla, who he ...
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Kickstarter Tosses Rules, Human Review for Some New Projects
Here’s the thing about some people–they’re shits. Here’s the thing about the internet–some of those people use it. Here’s ...
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Video Explains Why John McAfee Is ‘The Real Most Interesting Man In The World’
John McAfee has a new video out. It’s a parody of the Dos Equis “The Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign in which McAfee is ...
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Heavy Duty 3D Printer Takes To Kickstarter
Crowdfunding is arguably the best thing to happen to 3D printing in years. Instead of just having a number of big manufacturers making all the 3D prin...
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