Genius Asks Kickstarter for $8 Burrito, Gets Hundreds of Dollars

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Good use of popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter–or best use of popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter?

Screw getting a movie made or funding a cool new 3D printer. Kickstarter was made for supporting man's quest to experience a Chipotle burrito in as many ways as possible, and rank those experiences on a so-called "deliciousness graph."

Enter Noboru Bitoy (who claims no affiliation with Chipotle), a man in search of true burrito enlightenment. About a week ago, Bitoy started a Kickstarter project to raise $8. All he wanted was for Kickstarter donors to pony up about $6 for a chicken burrito, $0.60 for sales tax, and another buck to tip the nice folks at Chipotle. Upon receiving these funds, Bitoy promised to rate the burrito on a scale of "No" to "Wow!" and post his findings in a "creative presentation."

Well, he hit the $8 goal and made good on his promise. The chicken burrito from Chipotle scored a "Yum" on the deliciousness graph–meaning Bitoy thinks the burrito is very good. It was one spot away from "Wow!"–meaning Bitoy would have crowned it the best burrito ever.

The story could end here, I mean, dude got the internet to buy him a Chipotle burrito for no reason whatsoever. High five, bro. But it doesn't end here–because people just kept donating.

As it stands, Bitoy has $307 dollars pledged of his $8 goal, coming from 117 backers.

And he's planning on putting that extra money to good use. In the near future, he plans to test burrito deliciousness hypothesis like whether or not burrito deliciousness changes per day left in fridge. For this experiment, he will consume 4 burritos–one at the peak of freshness and the other 3 the following days. Another experiment involves constructing 24 different types of chicken burritos, some with white tortillas and some with wheat, some with black beans and some with pinto–and so on and so forth.

Oh yeah, and if he hits $500, there's this:

Alright guys, you are all blowing my mind with your diehard support! I have one final stretch goal now.The other night I was thinking, "How much more delicious would a Chicken Burrito from Chipotle be… if I was plummeting from the heavens?" That's right, Kickstarter community. I am going to make an infographic detailing just how delicious a chicken burrito is when eaten during a SKYDIVE.

Of course, every taste test will eventually be registered on the deliciousness graph. My prediction is that the 2-day-old burrito achieves the coveted "Wow!" ranking.

If you want to donate to his cause, you have 23 days to go. Where else are you going to spend $1?

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