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Tag: Controversy

Grand Theft Auto Maker Trying to Kill BBC Movie About the Game’s Tumultuous Inception
When the BBC announced that it was developing a feature-length film based on the making of the popular gaming franchise Grand Theft Auto, most assumed...
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Adam Sandler Movies Are Ridiculous, Confirms Netflix
According to Netflix, nobody should be surprised when an Adam Sandler movies turns out to be a bit ridiculous. According to reports, nearly a dozen Na...
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ESPN’s Britt McHenry Should Be Fired, Says Twitter
According to a growing number of Twitter users, ESPN reporter Britt McHenry deserves a steeper punishment than a brief suspensions. The hastag #FireBr...
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Michael Bublé Really Pissed People Off with Instagram Post
Canadian singer Michael Bublé is the latest target of the internet’s ire after he posted a photo on Instagram showing a woman’s backside ...
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SeaWorld’s Twitter Q&A Goes About How You’d Expect
SeaWorld is not the most popular company in America. Activists have been raising concerns about SeaWorld’s treatment of its animals, especially ...
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Woman Who Cut Out Baby After Luring Mother on Craigslist Won’t Face Murder Charges
A decision not to file murder charges against a woman accused of cutting a seven-month-old fetus from its mother’s womb is setting off debates o...
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Flickr Apologizes For Selling User Photos
A few weeks ago, Yahoo’s Flickr angered some photographers by selling their work for profit, which it would not share with them. The complaints ...
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Sephora Doesn’t Trust Its Asian Customers? Allegedly Deactivated Accounts According To Race
As beauty supply giant Sephora could be about to learn the hard way, what seems like a simple and logical solution is actually grounds for a MAJOR law...
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Lena Dunham: When ‘Edgy’ Goes Over The Edge
Lena Dunham is not the victim of a far-right smear campaign. Nor are she and her sister being attacked by a heteronormative culture policing the sexua...
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Boston Herald: Obama Cartoon Was Honest Mistake, Not Racist
Twitter has been aflutter over a cartoon that recently appeared in the Boston Herald, and the newspaper, as well as the cartoonist behind the controve...
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Etsy Bans ‘Redskins’ Items From Its Marketplace
Even if you don’t follow football, it’s unlikely that you’ve not heard about the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins and...
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Chelsea Handler Receives Backlash For Hitler Parody
Chelsea Handler is no stranger to controversy. However, it seems like her latest parody on her late night talk show Chelsea Lately, may have crossed t...
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Facebook Emotion Experiment Prompts Senator’s Letter To FTC
Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.) has written a letter to the Federal Trade Commission regarding Facebook’s controversial emotion experiment, seeking ...
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Facebook Global Policy Head Defends Controversial Experiment
Another Facebooker has spoken publicly about the controversial emotion experiment the company conducted without user consent in 2012. The company̵...
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Regulators Probe Facebook’s Emotion Experiment
An experiment Facebook conducted with some of its users two years ago has been getting a lot of negative attention in recent days after a paper about ...
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Actually, Facebook Changed Its Terms To Cover That Experiment After It Was Over
The plot thickens. As you may know, it has come to light that Facebook ran an experiment with nearly 700,000 users in 2012, showing how it could manip...
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Did Facebook Cross The Line This Time?
Facebook went and freaked a bunch of people out again. They were about due, weren’t they? This time, the freak-out comes from an academic study ...
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Uber ‘Honors’ Pride Week with On-Demand Weddings
On-demand car company, ride-sharing purveyors, or disruptors of the taxi game – whatever you want to call them, Uber is known for creative marketing...
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Google, Once Again, Offends with D-Day Doodle
In another one for the Google hates America, freedom, and our veterans files, the search engine is once again on the defensive after pissing off some ...
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Bride Drags Baby Down Aisle As Part Of Train
According to tradition, a blushing bride needs “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” One bride took R...
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