SeaWorld's Twitter Q&A Goes About How You'd Expect

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SeaWorld is not the most popular company in America.

Activists have been raising concerns about SeaWorld's treatment of its animals, especially its Orca whales, for some time. But a 2013 documentary called Blackfish really started a firestorm of controversy around the theme park. That documentary focuses on Tilikum, an orca residing at SeaWorld, Orlando, and condemned the treatment of orcas in captivity. The film centers around the death of Dawn Brancheau, a SeaWorld trainer, who was killed by the 6-ton whale in 2010. Tilikum has been involved in the deaths of two trainers and one SeaWorld guest.

Acts canceled, attendance dropped.

The point is – there are a lot of people who hate SeaWorld and SeaWorld knows this. That's why this is such a head-scratcher:

Ah yes, the ol' request for a Twitter Q&A. This should go well.

And finally,

Seriously? What the hell did SeaWorld think would happen?

Image via PETA, Twitter

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