Uber 'Honors' Pride Week with On-Demand Weddings

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On-demand car company, ride-sharing purveyors, or disruptors of the taxi game – whatever you want to call them, Uber is known for creative marketing stunts. Last year, the company offered to deliver kittens for people to play with. Then, during Christmas, they delivered Christmas trees.

Now, in honor of San Francisco's LGBT Pride week, Uber is offering to marry you – on-demand.

Here's what an Uberwedding will look like:

When your UberWEDDING arrives, we’ll get started right away. You’ll first work with our on-site notary to obtain your marriage license. Once the license is official, the violinist will begin to play and the ceremony will commence!

You’ll walk down an aisle surrounded by flowers from Bloom That and candles from bella j. After you both say “I Do,” we’ll celebrate with dessert from SusieCakes, cheers with champagne from Iron Horse and you’ll receive a gift bag from L.

If you're in the area and wish to have a sudden wedding, just open the Uber app and drop a pin where you'd like the wedding to take place. Uber will even provide you with vows, if you're in too much of a hurry to write your own.

"From arrival to “I do” will take 45 – 60 min," says Uber.

Uber is offering these quickie weddings to people of all sexual orientations, but the emphasis is definitely on the LGBT community, it being Pride week and all.

So, uh, people aren't happy about this.

"We’re thankful to be based in San Francisco, a city that recognizes love doesn’t have to look any certain way. In honor of Pride week, we’re celebrating the inclusive idea that love is love with something that lasts a lifetime," says Uber.

Look, maybe this was a sincere attempt at having a little fun over the weekend, and maybe Uber is very supportive of the LGBT community (I'm sure they truly are) – but they had to have seen this coming.

Maybe just stick with the kitten delivery in the future, ok guys?

Image via Uber, Twitter

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