Google, Once Again, Offends with D-Day Doodle

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In another one for the Google hates America, freedom, and our veterans files, the search engine is once again on the defensive after pissing off some people on D-Day with a Google Doodle.

For a brief period this morning, on the 70th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy in Operation Overlord during World War II, Google displayed a Doodle that in no way honored or even referenced the famous battle.

Instead, Google displayed a Doodle honoring mid-19th century Japanese Go player Honinbo Shusaku.

Of course, this happened:

...and this:

...and plenty more like it.

As you probably guessed, this was simply a mistake on Google's part. The doodle, which was only meant to be shown for Google's Japanese and Hong Kong users, was displayed (for a brief moment) on,, and

"Unfortunately a technical error crept in and for a short period this morning an international doodle also appeared. We're sorry for the mistake, and we're proud to honor those who took part in D-Day," said a Google spokesperson.

Google's no stranger to Doodle controversies – especially ones concerning D-Day. Back in 2012, Google was criticized for running a Doodle marking the anniversary of the very first drive-in movie theater on June 6th, instead of featuring a D-Day-themed piece of search art.

According to Fox News, Google hates America because it didn't run a Flag Day Doodle at one point.

Here's the thing – what Google has done for D-Day is much better than a Doodle could ever be. Right under the search box on its homepage, Google asks users to remember D-Day by exploring letter, photos, and maps of the Normandy landings. Google links us to an interactive "Google Cultural Institute" exhibit, which has nearly 500 of the aforementioned items available for everyone's perusal.

Next year, maybe Google will make the "L" an American flag or something, just to appease Twitter.

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