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Tag: Conan

Amanda Peet Thought “Game Of Thrones” Was A Bad Idea
Amanda Peet maybe shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches. The actress doesn’t have great judgement. Luckily, Amanda Peet doesn’t ...
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Amber Stevens Marries ‘Greek’ Costar
22 Jump Street actress Amber Stevens married her Greek costar Andrew J. West on Friday. The two exchanged vows at the Carondelet House in Los Angeles....
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Apple Wants to Help eRase U2 from Your Memory Altogether
Last week, Apple put U2’s new album on everyone’s iTunes library. Despite the fact that it was a “free giveaway” and stuff, pe...
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Conan Checks In With Minecraft Inventor About Microsoft Acquisition
The big news on Monday was that Microsoft is buying Mojang, the company behind the hugely popular Minecraft, for $2.5 billion. Naturally, the subject ...
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Conan O’Brien Relevant Again Thanks to ‘OITNB’
Gone are the days when Conan O’Brien was a household name. Since the late night host’s departure from NBC, he has been relegated to the de...
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Gary Oldman Watches Himself Repeatedly Die On Conan
Buried alive in quicksand, shot in the head, thrown off an airplane in flight, taking a bullet to the midsection… Gary Oldman has acted in 77 fi...
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Conan O’Brien Contract Extended For Another Four Years
Conan O’Brien is here to stay! On Wednesday, May 14, TBS announced that O’Brien‘s late-night talk show Conan has been renewed for a...
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Conan O’Brien Signs With TBS For Another Four Years
Chalk up another win for Team Coco. The world of late night talk shows will be much different this time next year. David Letterman has already announc...
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Planet of the Apes Themed Wedding For Judy Greer
Some brides and grooms incorporate clever themes into their wedding ceremonies. It may be a beach theme or a country-western setting or even a rustic ...
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Conan O’Brien Discusses Turning Down Microsoft CEO Job On LinkedIn
Conan O’Brien took to LinkedIn to explain why he turned down the Microsoft CEO job, which was recently awarded to longtime staffer Satya Nadella...
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Ron Burgundy Supports Rob Ford With A Song
Rob Ford, the manic, crack-smoking mayor of Toronto, has certainly seen his share of controversial behavior in recent weeks. His antics–which in...
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‘Google Blockbuster’ Algorithm Revealed (On Conan)
Google recently put out a whitepaper claiming that Google searches can predict box office totals with 94% accuracy. The paper describes how Google arr...
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Nick Offerman Has The Sexiest Mustache Ever
Nick Offerman was recently named People Magazine‘s “Sexiest Man” in their “Mustache Edition”, and most of us will agree ...
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Wes Anderson Takes On “Star Wars”
What would “Star Wars” be like if Wes Anderson directed it? Quirky and funny with lots of dry humor and oddly lovable characters? More tha...
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Apple Unveils the iPad Mini Mega Micro (and More) [CONAN]
Team Coco has finally made their entry into the chain of iPad mini parody ads, and they chose to lampoon the device’s size. The iPad mini, as yo...
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Camille Grammer Slammed By Kelsey On “Conan”
When Kelsey Grammer appeared on “Conan” recently, he slipped in a joke about sex that his ex-wife doesn’t find funny at all. It bega...
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Conan Makes Bad Hockey Joke, LA Kings Call Him Out
Just a couple of hours ago, Conan made a sort of half-a**ed attempt at a joke about NHL team L.A. Kings. Follow @ConanOBrien (image) Conan O’Bri...
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Halo 4 Tweets Foreshadowed Conan O’Brien & Andy Richter In-Game Voices
The tweets sent out yesterday by Halo 4 insiders about the “big” Halo 4 news to be revealed on Conan last night turned out to be slightly ...
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Halo 4 Release Date May Be Announced on Conan Tonight
Rumors are swirling around a Halo 4 news announcement that will take place on Conan tonight. Based on tweets from two Microsoft insiders, it’s c...
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Anchorman 2: Ferrell Announces Sequel On Conan
For people of a certain age, “Anchorman” is one of those movies that just grew and grew in cult status until it became a classic in the ve...
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