Conan O'Brien Relevant Again Thanks to 'OITNB'

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Gone are the days when Conan O'Brien was a household name. Since the late night host's departure from NBC, he has been relegated to the deep, dark corners of late nights on TBS, a station which consistently fails to live up to its "Very Funny" slogan. Despite the fact that Conan is no longer featured on a major network, he still manages to stay on the air - a true testament to his survival instincts.

Every once in a while, Conan suddenly becomes relevant again, usually do to some crazy schtick which really has no lasting appeal. With Monday night's show, Conan was able to save his television career once again by tying himself to a much more popular "television" series, Orange is the New Black.

Essentially the entire cast of the hit Netflix drama appeared on Conan last night, most likely with the hopes that their appearance would help push the show to win even more Emmy awards on August 25. The episode was filled with character-acting, anecdotes from the set of Orange is the New Black, advice from the characters, and constant jabs at Conan himself.

Perhaps the most appealing part of the show, however, was the opening scene. Before creating a parody of the Orange is the New Black opening credits with himself and Andy Richter, Conan received some much needed advice from Laverne Cox (Sophia) concerning the quiff he has been sporting for the past 30 years:

Cox was not the only person to get a jab in on Conan, however. Kate Mulgrew ("Red"), who rose to fame by playing Captain Kathryn Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager, finally got revenge on Conan for him almost destroying her career by forcing her to do an Irish jig on his show in 1995. The payback? Conan had to do a jig of his own, which he openly admitted was not really payback at all, stating, "It's not really revenge if that's the crap I'm doing all the time on this show anyway!"

Proof that truer words have never been spoken:

While it's easy to poke-fun at Conan O'Brien and his antics, last night's show was quite a success for both Conan and Orange is the New Black. Although Conan might not be winning an Emmy award anytime soon, he can rest his laurels on the fact that he is quintessentially, without a doubt, the weirdest person on late night television.

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