AdWords Gets Local Google Forwarding Numbers

Google announced the launch of local Google forwarding numbers, which local businesses will be able to display on their ads. The point is that these have local area codes, and may inspire more clicks/calls. Google says in an update on…

AdWords Gets New Call Conversion Features

Last fall, Google launched calls as conversions for AdWords in the US, UK, and Germany. They recently expanded this functionality to Spain and Australia. The company says it will expand it to additional countries in the coming year. “In a…

Bing To Launch Skype-Integrated Click-To-Call Mobile Ads This Year [Exclusive]

As previously reported, Microsoft has some new ad products for the Yahoo Bing Network on the way this year. Notably, we should be seeing Bing product listing ads (similar to Google’s) before the year’s over. Microsoft Search Network GM, David…

Google Expands Its Click-To-Call Ad Feature

Google has been working on expanding its click-to-call ad feature in a few different ways. Today in a blog post, Google provided an update about what it’s been doing. The company recently introduced a click-to-call button for ads using Call…

Google: Click-to-Call Ads Can Reduce Costs by 30%, Boost Conversions

Google is talking about how the click-to-call ads it introduced earlier this year are reducing acquisition costs for advertisers.  The company points to a case study from Esurance.

Google Improves Click-To-Call Ads With Phone Extensions

A little more than a month ago, Google introduced click-to-call phone numbers in local ads on smartphones.  Now, the popular program’s undergoing an expansion as Google’s made it easier for large companies to take advantage of the offering.

Google Introduces Click-To-Call Numbers In Ads

The best ad – from the perspective of both users and advertisers – is often something that will immediately let the two sides connect.  Google’s taken an intelligent step forward, then, by allowing businesses to include clickable phone numbers in their mobile ads.

This should save people who want to call companies a fair amount of time they might otherwise have to spend navigating a site.  It’ll also spare some smartphone owners the slight embarrassment of having to copy down a phone number on paper while using their multi-hundred dollar devices.