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Tag: Class Action

Uber Drivers Granted Class Action in ‘Employee or Contractor’ Suit
There’s been an important development in a lawsuit brought against Uber over the much-publicized tensions between the company’s insistence that it...
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Yelp ‘Extortion’ Suit Dismissed, But Suspicions Remain
Yelp has emerged victorious from an extortion lawsuit, but the reasons why have done little to quell existing suspicions about its business practices....
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Was Yelp Misleading About Its Reviews?
Yelp is no stranger to legal battles, nor is it a stranger to complaints about how it handles reviews. Now, the company faces a new class action suit ...
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Class Action Suit Seeks Payment For AdSense Publishers
A class action lawsuit has been filed against Google related to claims that the search giant is stealing money from publishers by shutting down their ...
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EA Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over ‘Battlefield 4’ Claims
Since the release of Battlefield 4 back in October, gamers have been fighting to actually play the title. Those who bought the title have encountered ...
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LinkedIn Class Action Complaint Over Password Leak
As expected for a security breach of this magnitude, a class action lawsuit has begun against LinkedIn regarding its recently leaked passwords. The ac...
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Windows 8 User Agreement Forbids Class Action Lawsuits
The class action lawsuit is the most valued weapon in the consumer’s arsenal. It allows consumers to bring the wrongdoings of companies into the...
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Facebook Hit With Class Action Lawsuits Following Fubar IPO
Whenever we here at WebProNews have speculated or reported on class action lawsuits filed against Facebook, the nature of those complaints has almost ...
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Nutella to Settle Ad Lawsuit For $3 Million
A Califronia mom, Athena Hohenberg, sued Ferrero Roche last February for claiming their chocolate-hazelnut spread was healthy, when in fact it is prob...
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Could Facebook Face A Class Action Lawsuit Over Its Questionable Tracking Habits?
The kicks just keep getting harder to find for Facebook when it comes to explaining away that sneaky habit of tracking internet users even after they&...
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