EA Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over 'Battlefield 4' Claims

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Since the release of Battlefield 4 back in October, gamers have been fighting to actually play the title. Those who bought the title have encountered bugs, game crashes, and other difficulties when trying to play the game.

Developer DICE has promised to fix the game before releasing any more DLC content, but that won't save publisher EA from being held responsible for the tacit promises it made about Battlefield 4 before its release.

Law firm Robbins Geller this week announced that it is heading up a class action lawsuit against EA. The case involves financial guidance EA provided to investors from July 24 to December 4. The lawsuit is seeking damages for all investors who bought EA stock during that time. Investors in EA during that period are now being invited to join in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit filing alleges that EA made "materially false and misleading statements" regarding how well Battlefield 4 would sell. The complaint singles out EA's increased guidance for Battlefield 4 sales that it issued on the game's release date, which caused the company's stock to rise.

When the PlayStation 4 version of the game's "multiple glitches significant crashes" became evident, however, EA's stock price was negatively affected. DICE's announcement that it will fix the game before putting any new content up for sale is also pointed to in the complaint as a factor that decreased EA stock price.

Though the lawsuit does not specifically address gamers' complaints about Battlefield 4, it does put future pressure on EA not to inflate its sales predictions based on games that are likely to launch in a near-broken state. Unfortunately, it may not put direct pressure on the publisher to not release near-broken games in the future. The lawsuit is simply blaming EA for those "materially false and misleading" financial projections, which the publisher had apparently based on a functional Battlefield 4 and not on the project delays it faces while fixing the game.

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