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Five Companies Win CIA Cloud Contract
Five companies have been awarded a multibillion-dollar cloud computing contract by the Central Intelligence Agency....
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CIA Opens Door For Amazon Rivals to Bid On Cloud Contracts
Bloomberg is reporting that the CIA is “planning to hire multiple companies for lucrative cloud computing deals,” a move that will likely hurt Ama...
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Microsoft Acquires Pentagon Certification, Closes Gap With Amazon
According to the Washington Post, Microsoft has achieved Impact Level 6, the Pentagon’s highest IT security certification. Prior to December 12, Ama...
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Vladimir Putin Still Using (Long) Unsupported Windows XP
One would expect a former KGB officer to use the latest and greatest when it comes to computer security. Evidently, Vladimir Putin disagrees, as he is...
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Russian Gov Hackers Were Stealing Info From Dems For Over A Year
The Washington Post is reporting that Russian government hackers penetrated DNC computers over a year ago and have everything including all email and ...
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Popular Songs The CIA Used To Torture Detainees
One of the most potent ways of torture is without touch: first, confine the detainee in a windowless 6 x 9 ft. solitary cell, shackle them to the wall...
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Andrea Tantaros On CIA Torture: ‘America is Awesome’
Responding to a declassified CIA torture report concerning post-9/11 detainees, which included mentions of extreme waterboarding and “rectal fee...
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CIA Joins Twitter to Do Throwback Thursday
The Central Intelligence Agency, apparently bored out of their collective f*cking minds, has decided to ‘go social.’ This popped up a coup...
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‘Doctor Zhivago’ Used by CIA as Propaganda Tool, Book Reveals
The CIA praised Boris Pasternak’s novel, Doctor Zhivago, not necessarily because of its literary merits, but because the agency saw it as a pro...
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Edward Snowden Appears At SXSW; Calls For Better Online Security Measures
In a rare public appearance, fugitive and National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden addressed the audience of the SXSW conference regardin...
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Edward Snowden Elected Rector At University Of Glasgow
Edward Snowden, who made headlines last year for revealing details about U.S. phone and Internet surveillance, is now the student rector at UK’s Gla...
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Edward Snowden: NSA Memo Confirms He Stole Co-Worker’s Password
According to a memo issued by the National Security Agency to members of Congress, former contractor Edward Snowden may have resorted to stealing his ...
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Robert Levinson Revealed To Be CIA Agent
In 2007, Robert Levinson went to Kish Island, an Iranian resort, where he was said to have been kidnapped. His family has pleaded for nearly six years...
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Doomsday Cache of Classified Data Raises Fears
Intelligence forces from the United States and the United Kingdom are concerned over what is being called a “doomsday cache” relating to a...
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Osama bin Laden Raid: New Details Leaked
While President Barack Obama’s administration prepares to annually declassify the number of people and businesses covered by National Security A...
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Area 51: CIA Releases Spy Plane Papers; LA Reporter Finds More?
It’s right out of an “X-Files” episode. But is it true? A government agency declassifies information they’ve been sitting on f...
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‘Benghazi Bombshell’: CNN Alleges CIA is Intimidating Operatives to Keep Quiet on Benghazi
CNN is alleging that the CIA is acting in an “unprecedented attempt to keep Benghazi secrets from ever leaking out.” Apparently, CIA agent...
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CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell Retires After 33 Years at the Agency
After 33 years of service and 3 years at his current title, CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell has decided to step down. The retirement will be offici...
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Kim Dotcom Was Subject To Illegal Surveillance From New Zealand’s CIA
It’s been relatively quiet on the Megaupload front for the past few weeks. The last major event saw Kim Dotcom winning $4.83 million in his bid ...
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Israel, U.S. Team Up To Create Flame Computer Virus
Back in the mid-2000’s The need to start to keep Iran’s nuclear goals in check was obvious. So the United States, led by George Bush, and ...
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