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Tag: CIA

Taliban And Polio: Vaccine Drive Halted Due To CIA Fears
The Taliban has halted the polio vaccination campaign that was scheduled to be distributed to over 161,000 children starting on Wednesday, citing worr...
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Former Top CIA Spy Dick Stolz Dead at 86
Former CIA spy Dick Stolz, who would become one of the top operatives for the agency, died on Saturday due to complications from a recent fall. He was...
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Unreal Game Engine Licensed to Government Agencies
The same game engine used to develop games like Batman: Arkham City, and the Gears of War and Mass Effect Series is now being licensed to the FBI and ...
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Facebook Privacy Woes Feel Real, Even In The Onion
Sometimes in America, satire that takes us further than fact. We live in a world where comedians sometimes have a better reputation for news analysis ...
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CIA Changing The Way They Buy Software
The CIA is changing the way it buys technology in hopes to stay on top of the constantly evolving technology landscape. Reuters is reporting that in a...
Read More Not Available, Anonymous Takes Credit [Updated]
Update: CNN is reporting that sites affiliated with Mexico’s mining ministry and the state of Alabama were also taken down. They’re also r...
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Robot Cockroach Produces Its Own Power
I think we can all agree that cockroaches are pretty gross. Science has always stuck up for the disgusting vermin and are once again championing the l...
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Every Breath You Take, Every Tweet You Make, The CIA’s Watching You
As you read this, a team of highly trained covert operatives are performing high tech espionage – from behind computer screens somewhere in Virg...
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LulzSec Takes Down, Hacking Simply for Enjoyment
The hacker group LulzSec, famous for their gaming community hacks, is moving on to bigger targets. While the group has claimed responsibility for hack...
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