Robert Levinson Revealed To Be CIA Agent


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In 2007, Robert Levinson went to Kish Island, an Iranian resort, where he was said to have been kidnapped. His family has pleaded for nearly six years for the United States government to save his life and bring him home. Details surrounding his disappearance had been sketchy. It was known that he was a retired FBI agent and it was feared that his service to the government had made him a target.

However, there was some suspicion that there was more to the story. Had Levinson gone to Iran on a secret mission? This wasn't known to be the case until Levinson admitted to being in the country as an agent for the CIA. This contradicts previous reports that had Levinson in Iran to conduct private business. It has now been revealed that he in fact sent to Iran to gather intelligence for members of the CIA.

The Associated Press had information on the matter. In their notes it was stated that three veteran analysts were fired and several individuals were disciplined over the botched mission.

CNN also claims to have a source close to the ongoing situation that can confirm that Levinson's allegations of CIA involvement are true.

It appears that Levinson's mission was an unauthorized one. Despite this, he remains angry at the Obama administration for abandoning him and not doing enough to make arrangements for his release.

The revelation of what Levinson called a "rogue mission" raises the question of just how many unapproved missions involving the CIA are currently ongoing in the world. It makes one wary of what the ramifications there may be for American citizens from fallout regarding bad dealings.

Dealings that Americans aren't even aware of.

Image: Help Bob Levinson Facebook