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Tag: Chrome

Google Is Ending Chrome Translate for Older Versions of Chrome
Google is shutting off one of Chrome's most popular and useful features in older versions of the browser....
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Google Chrome Gets URL Spellchecking
Google Chrome has received a small but important upgrade, getting the ability to detect typos in the URL bar....
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Welcome to 2001 As Microsoft Returns to Old Habits to Push Edge
Microsoft is falling into old habits as the company irritates customers with questionable ways of pushing its Edge web browser....
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PSA: Update Google Chrome Immediately
Google has released an emergency Chrome update to address a vulnerability that is being actively exploited by hackers....
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Chrome 113 Will Include WebGPU
Google is giving gamers a boost with plans to include WebGPU in version 113 of its Chrome web browser....
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Google Reportedly Pays Apple for Chrome Search Revenue on iOS
In what is sure to be a problem for both companies, an alleged secret non-compete agreement has come to light involving Chrome on iOS....
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Google Is Prepping an iOS Browser That Uses Chrome’s Engine
Google's engineers are reportedly working on an iOS version of Chrome that will use Chrome's Blink rendering engine instead of iOS WebKit....
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Upcoming Versions of Chrome May Translate Text in Images
Google is working on a major new Chrome feature, one that would translate text directly within pictures and images....
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Google Emails Indict the Company in Chrome Incognito Trial
Google’s legal defense in a privacy lawsuit has taken a major hit thanks to emails proving the company knowingly tracked user data....
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Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai Will Not Be Questioned in Privacy Suit
Google scored a major victory in the privacy lawsuit it is facing in California, with a judge ruling that Sundar Pichai cannot be questioned....
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Apple’s Safari Tops 1 Billion Users, Still Distant Second to Chrome
Apple's Safari is now the second most popular browser on the market, with more than 1 billion users, although it still comes in a distant second to Go...
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PSA: Update Chrome Now to Avoid Actively Exploited Vulnerability
Another week, another Chrome update to address a bug that is being actively exploited....
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Alphabet CEO Pichai Cannot Avoid Testifying in Privacy Suit
A federal judge has ruled that Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai can be questioned in a lawsuit over the company allegedly tracking users unlawfully....
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Mozilla to Pass $500 Million in 2021 As Other Services Take Off
Mozilla is closing in on a major milestone, set to pass $500 million in 2021 revenue as the company’s other services gain ground....
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EFF: Google Chrome’s ‘Manifest V3 is Deceitful and Threatening’
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is calling out Google’s Manifest V3 (MV3) browser extension plans, calling them “deceitful and threatenin...
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PSA: Google Updates Chrome to Fix Serious Security Issues
Google has issued another update to Chrome in an effort address security issues....
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Hostilities Between Microsoft and Google Resume
Microsoft and Google are resuming open hostilities, following a five-year cease-fire....
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Third-Party Cookies Get a Stay of Execution as Google Postpones Plans
Google is pushing back its plans to eliminate support for third-party cookies, buying the advertising industry more time to adapt....
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Google Releases Chrome Update Addressing Zero-Day Exploit
Google has released a major updated for its Chrome web browser, addressing a number of security issues, including a zero-day exploit....
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Firefox Update Brings Fresh New Look, Improved Experience
Mozilla has announced the latest version of Firefox, sporting a new look and improved user experience....
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