Microsoft Hiring Slows, Major Team’s Headcount Cut

In yet another sign of an impending economic downturn, Microsoft has significantly cut hiring, impacting even high-profile teams.

Microsoft and Amazon Come to an Agreement Over Charlie Bell

Microsoft and Amazon have come to an agreement over Charlie Bell, paving the way for the former Amazon exec to begin his duties at Microsoft.

Microsoft and Amazon May Be Headed for a Fight Over Charlie Bell

Microsoft scored a major victory when it poached longtime Amazon exec Charlie Bell, but the fight to use him may be just getting started.

Microsoft Snags Charlie Bell, Former AWS Heavyweight

Microsoft has scored a big win, snagging Charlie Bell just two week after he left rival AWS.

Charlie Bell, 23-Year Veteran, Leaving AWS

AWS is making changes to its executive roster as Charlie Bell, a long-time company veteran, departs.

Basketball Wives Star Sued by Ex-Husband for Spousal Support

Basketball Wives, the weirdly popular VH1 program that chronicles the lives of women who have been romantically linked to professional basketball players, seems to be a catalyst for all sorts of juicy televised drama. Newcomer Kenya Bell is starting to…