Basketball Wives Star Sued by Ex-Husband for Spousal Support


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Basketball Wives, the weirdly popular VH1 program that chronicles the lives of women who have been romantically linked to professional basketball players, seems to be a catalyst for all sorts of juicy televised drama. Newcomer Kenya Bell is starting to experience some of this, herself, as she's recently become the focus of a lawsuit from former Golden State Warriors guard Charlie Bell, who just so happens to be her ex-husband.

The lawsuit goes something like this: Charlie was dropped from the NBA last year, an event which put a serious dent in his bank account. Although he currently plays professionally for the Italian Basketball League, his paltry salary of $100,000 a year isn't supporting to the lifestyle he's used to. Now that Kenya has an American television program and an iTunes single currently making the rounds, he thinks it's time for her to take care of him. After all, she does make quite a bit more than he does -- $300,000 a year, or so Charlie claims -- so it's time that the roles were reversed. In his opinion, anyway.

Kenya, meanwhile, says that Charlie is currently sitting on almost a million dollars, and she still wants a piece of that particular pie. In other words, Kenya isn't going to part with her income without a fight, one that's sure to be tackled in the next season of the show.

Speaking of "Basketball Wives", you can catch the season finale of the program tonight (May 28th) on VH1. It's scheduled to air at 8pm EST, so make sure you have your scheduled clear or your DVDRs properly programmed. I wouldn't want you to be the only person on the planet who misses out. How embarrassing would that be?

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Her turn now, I'm not mad @ him RT @StilettoJill Charlie Bell wants in on Basketball Wives star Kenya Bell’s income
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“Kenya Bell’s Estranged Hubby Wants Her To Support Him With Her ‘Basketball Wives’ Checks” <= cut da check heaux!
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