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Patrick Dempsey’s Mother Dies After Long Battle With Cancer
After battling multiple recurrences of ovarian cancer since 1997, Amanda Dempsey, the mother of Grey’s Anatomy actor Patrick Dempsey, has passed...
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Curt Schilling Cuts Mansion Asking Price by $500K
Financially strapped former Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has dropped the price of his Medfield, Massachusetts home by $500,000. Originally on the ma...
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Sunscreen Ingredients: Long Needed Updates Ignored
Skin cancer is a serious threat, and with the current sunscreens available in the U.S., its protection is lacking as the nearly 15 year old products h...
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Mike Schmidt, Baseball Hall of Famer, Reveals Recent Battle With Advanced Skin Cancer
Renowned Philadelphia Phillies slugger Mike Schmidt recently announced on Sunday that he had been diagnosed with stage III Melanoma last summer. Schmi...
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High-Protein Diet May Raise Cancer Risk
High-protein diets like the Paleo Diet and the Atkins Diet have long been associated with bodies packed with muscle and low in fat. They also have bee...
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Lacey Holsworth’s Special Night At MSU Game
The MSU-Iowa basketball game that was held on Thursday night was a special event for 8-year-old Lacey Holsworth. Holsworth suffers from a rather aggre...
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Celine Dion: Husband Recovering From Surgery
Céline Dion’s husband René Angélil is recovering from surgery. On December 23, 2013, Angélil had surgery to remove a tumor from his throat. ...
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Curt Schilling Faces Radiation, Surgery
Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling’s woes continue. The ESPN analyst is undergoing radiation and will need more surgery as he battles ...
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Curt Schilling: Battle Against Cancer Continues
Since announcing his condition last month, Curt Schilling has undergone a series of treatments for cancer. The type of cancer the Former Red Sox pitch...
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Sara Ylen Fakes Cervical Cancer, Sentenced to One Year for Fraud
On Wednesday, a 38-year-old Michigan woman was sentenced to one year in prison for money fraud against a healthcare insurance company and generous loc...
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Tom Brokaw: Newsman Reveals He Has Bone Cancer
Tom Brokaw released a statement via NBC News regarding his diagnosis. Brokaw, 74, was at the Mayo Clinic when he received the diagnosis for multiple m...
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Aspirin Could Cut Ovarian Cancer Risks
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) today revealed the results of a new study showing that daily aspirin use could significantly reduce the risk of ov...
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New Pill Camera Could Help Those with Colonoscopy Troubles
Although your dad would argue that there are a lot of terrible things about getting older, it’s hard to deny that the dreaded colonoscopy is one...
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Jen Arnold: Cancer is in Remission
Jen Arnold of TLC’s The Little Couple has been battling a rare form of cancer. After enduring months of weekly chemotherapy treatments she is th...
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Quit Smoking: Cold Turkey Better Than E-Cig?
Quitting smoking is hard, always has been and always will be. No matter how much additional tax is levied on each pack or how many videos go up on you...
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Consumer Reports Warns of Carcinogens in Soda
While cities such as New York continue to debate the dangers of excessive sugar in soft drinks, another potentially hazardous aspect of soda is now co...
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Jessica Sanchez is Declared Cancer-Free and Returns Back to WKMG
Traffic reporter Jessica Sanchez at WKMG-Channel 6 will be returning back to work following a one-year struggle with cancer. If you’re unfamilia...
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Amish Family Chemo Battle Continues
An Amish family has fled their home, and has gone into hiding, after a court ruling ordered that their daughter continue chemotherapy treatments. Sara...
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Amy Robach Gets New Haircut To Help Beat Cancer
In a cancer battle, it is sometimes more about a person’s state of mind than their actual health. Amy Robach is aware of this and in order to em...
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O.J. Simpson Seeks Early Release To Treat Cancer
O.J. Simpson, who was recently denied his request for a new trial in November, is now asking President Obama to pardon him and grant him an early rele...
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