Microsoft Hiring Slows, Major Team’s Headcount Cut

In yet another sign of an impending economic downturn, Microsoft has significantly cut hiring, impacting even high-profile teams.

Robots in High Demand Thanks to Labor Shortage

The robotics industry is experiencing massive growth as employers turn to robots to help offset labor shortages.

Amazon Is Losing Its Most Wanted Employees At An Alarming Rate

Amazon has an employee retention problem, losing the employees it wants to keep at double the rate of last year.

Microsoft Turning to Pay Raises to Combat Employee Dissatisfaction

On the heels of a report that employees are becoming less satisfied with their pay, Microsoft is looking to raise pay across the entire company.

Google Cloud Losing EU Talent to AWS

Google Cloud’s European division has a talent problem, as AWS has poached one of its top executives.

Deutsche Bank: US Headed For Recession in 2023

Deutsche Bank has issued a warning for the US, saying its economy is headed for recession in 2023.

Google Faces Revolt Over Cloud Layoffs

Google is staring down a possible revolt amongst its staff over cloud layoffs impacting hundreds of Google Cloud employees.

Leaked Survey: Google Employees Becoming Unhappy With Compensation

Google employees are increasingly unhappy with their compensation, according to a leaked internal survey the company conducts annually.

Airbnb: The Newest Way to Send Relief Aid to Ukrainians

The tech industry has been caught in the war between Russian and Ukraine, but Airbnb is emerging as a platform for humanitarian aid.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy Using Complaint Emails to Improve Service

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy is taking a hands-on approach, using complaint emails to improve the company’s response and better learn the business.