Amazon Required to Email 1 M Employees About Their Right to Organize

Amazon has reached a settlement with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) requiring the company to email employees about organizing.

Google Has No Plans to Adjust Employee Pay for Inflation

Despite the highest inflation rate increase since 1982, Google has said it has no plans to adjust employee pay to compensate.

Omicron Delays Google’s Back-to-Office Date

Google is delaying its back-to-office date again, this time as a result of the omicron COVID-19 variant.

Mailchimp Employees Unhappy With Intuit’s Handling of Buyout

Mailchimp employees are not happy with how Intuit is handling the buyout of their company, complaining of decreased wages and lost benefits.

Walmart Expanding Autonomous Delivery Truck Trial in Arkansas

Walmart is taking the next step toward autonomous deliveries, expanding its pilot program involving Gatik’s autonomous trucks.

Google and Facebook Teamed Up to Combat Apple’s Privacy Push

Attorneys general are accusing Google and Facebook of teaming up to thwart Apple’s efforts to protect user privacy.

Thomas Kurian Remaking Google Cloud Leadership to Be More Competitive

Google Cloud is in third place in the cloud industry, but CEO Thomas Kurian is remaking its leadership in a bid to be more competitive.

Salesforce COO Bret Taylor a Rising Star, In Increasing Demand

There appears to be a leadership shift in play at Salesforce, with COO Bret Taylor increasingly in demand among the company’s customers.

Microsoft, Google and VPN Apps the Big Winners of Remote Work

Amid the pandemic-fueled transition to remote work, VPNs, Microsoft and Google apps are among the fastest-growing productivity apps.

AT&T’s Tethered ‘Flying COWs’ Providing Internet in Hurricane-Hit Areas

AT&T is using its Flying COWs (Cell on Wings) drones to provide connectivity in hurricane-hit areas, such as Louisiana.