VC Keith Rabois: Tech Layoffs Result of ‘Vanity Hiring’

Venture capitalist Keith Rabois has harsh words for Silicon Valley, saying the recent layoffs resulted from a “vanity metric” of hiring.

Marc Benioff Thinks More Tech CEOs Will Copy Elon Musk

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has some good — or bad — news, depending on whether or not you’re a fan of Elon Musk.

Move Over Subscription Economy, Usage-Based Billing Is Here

Subscription pricing models may be an unforeseen casualty of the economic downturn, paving the way for usage-based billing.

Stanford Professor: Tech Layoffs Are ‘Copycat Behavior’

A Stanford professor has confirmed what many suspect, saying Big Tech’s layoffs are more about “copycat behavior than necessary cost-cutting.”

Intuit Lobbying Congress to Protect Its Tax Filing Business

Intuit is going all-in in its lobbying efforts to protect its lucrative tax filing business at a time when Congress is threatening it.

Snap Is Cutting Google and AWS Cloud Spending

Snap is cutting back its cloud spending, reducing how much it pays both Google Cloud and AWS.

Google CEO Wants Employees to Spend 2-4 Hours Improving Bard AI

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is pulling out all the stops to improve the company’s Bard AI, asking employees to spend 2-4 hours helping.

Getting Laid Off May Be the Doorway to a Better Job

The tech sector has been hit with a wave of layoffs, but it’s not all bad news, especially for the workers being laid off.

Microsoft Doesn’t Want Employees Sharing Sensitive Data With ChatGPT

Microsoft may be going all-in on OpenAI tech and ChatGPT, but that doesn’t mean the company wants sensitive information shared with it.

Shopify Unveils ‘Chaos Monkey 2023,’ Limiting Meetings and Slack

Shopify is aiming to disrupt the workplace with a new initiative called “Chaos Monkey 2023,” one that limits meetings and Slack usage.

Google Reorganizing Labor to Answer ChatGPT

Google has issued a “code red” and is reorganizing labor in response to the traction ChatGPT has gained.

Goldman Sachs to Lay Off Up to 8% of Its Employees

Goldman Sachs is the latest company turning to layoffs to weather the economic downturn, reportedly looking to cut up to 8% of its staff.

Marc Benioff Wants to Re-Recruit Departed Executives

Marc Benioff has made clear he wants to re-recruit top executives that have departed Salesforce in recent weeks.

Users Decry Adobe/Figma Deal; Fear Adobe Will Destroy Figma

Users are up in arms over Adobe’s plans to purchase design startup Figma, fearing the larger company will ruin the startup’s services.

AWS CEO Pitches Cloud Cost Savings but Customers Not Convinced

AWS CEO Adam Selipsky is trying to convince customers that cloud computing can save them money, but many are unconvinced.

Stewart Butterfield, Slack Founder and CEO, Leaving Salesforce

Slack founder and CEO Stewart Butterfield has announced his departure from Salesforce, effective January 2023.

Amazon’s Advertising Unit the Latest to Suffer a Headcount Freeze

Amazon’s advertising unit is freezing its headcount as the company deals with economic headwinds impacting the industry.

JPMorgan Decides Against Investment in Fintech Company Yapily

JPMorgan has reportedly decided against investing in fintech company Yapily, dealing a blow to the startups fundraising.

Analyst Says Google Should Conduct Layoffs

An analyst is calling on Google to lay off employees, saying attrition alone will not be sufficient to cut costs.

Meta Employees: ‘Zuckerberg Will Single-Handedly Kill’ the Company

Meta employees are speaking up about CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse obsession, saying he will kill the company.