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Google Rolling Out Chrome Tab Groups
Google Chrome is about to help browser tab addicts keep things more organized with tab groups....
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Microsoft Reportedly Plans to Replace Edge With Chrome-Like Browser
It appears that Microsoft is ready to raise the white flag. After years of trying, and failing, to make Windows 10 users embrace the merits of the Edg...
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Google Releases Chrome 68, Browser Labels All HTTP Websites as ‘Not Secure’
The release of Chrome 68 has pushed forward Google’s campaign to drive Internet users to more secure websites. As it has promised several months...
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Chrome Now Makes It Easy To Find The Noisy Tab
Have you ever drove yourself nuts clicking through all of your open tabs trying to find where that sound, music or audio was coming from? With that in...
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Spotify Expanding Its Web Player Beta in the U.K.
Spotify is opening up its closed beta for its new web player in the U.K., letting more people have access to the browser-based music streaming experie...
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Firefox 16 Pulled After Security Vulnerability Was Found
Have you downloaded Firefox 16 yet? The newest version of the browser added quite a few pro-developer features including a really nice developer toolb...
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Microsoft May Be Fined Over Its EU Browser Snafu
You may remember when Microsoft got into some trouble with the European Commission over some potential antitrust violations. The Commission accused Mi...
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Yahoo Axis Gets Private Browsing Mode, Better Security And More
Everybody was surprised when Yahoo revamped its search business with the launch of Axis back in May. The dedicated mobile app/browser plug-in was an a...
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Mozilla Junior Browser Coming To iPad
Mozilla has announced that they plan to enter the iOS browser market with Mozilla Junior. Mozilla’s Alex Limi said that with Junior, they set ou...
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Yahoo Axis Private Certificate Key Leaked at Launch
Though the security issue has been resolved, Yahoo slightly botched the launch of Axis, its new mobile browser and desktop extension, by leaking its p...
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Google Chrome Coming To Windows 8 Metro
Yesterday we brought you news that Mozilla was preparing a version of their Firefox browser that would run on Windows 8’s new Metro user interfa...
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Firefox Update Includes Twitter Search
Move over Google, Firefox is now leveraging all of that Twitter content you’ve been so eager to recapture. Sure, you can get real time Twitter s...
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Google Chrome Now Allows Browser Syncing for Multiple Accounts
A new Beta release for Google Chrome has been released which allows multiple sync accounts. Essentially this means that more than one person can sign ...
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Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta 1 Has Been Released
Recently Mozilla unleashed Firefox 4 Beta upon the world, and most of us couldn’t be happier. The latest edition, of the wor...
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