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Senators Urge UK to Reconsider Using Huawei
Following the UK’s decision to include Huawei in their 5G networks, U.S. senators are urging the House of Commons to reconsider....
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Britain On the Verge Of Including Huawei
Despite U.S. pressure to ban Huawei, the British government is preparing to include the company in its 5G plans, according to Reuters. The U.S. has al...
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Austria Will Work With EU Partners On Huawei Decision
As Britain and Germany consider whether to ban Huawei, Austria has said it will collaborate with EU partners on a decision, according to Reuters. The ...
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China Confident Brazil Will Choose Huawei For Its 5G Mobile Network
Huawei has come under fire from countries throughout the West, with allegations the telecommunications equipment company engages in spying for the Chi...
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Not So Fast: Huawei May Not Qualify to Participate In German 5G Market
Germany made headlines a few weeks ago when it released its ‘security catalog,’ a set of rules for 5G deployment. Despite the German government st...
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Geri Halliwell Hangs Out With Prince Harry During F1 Qualifying Race
On November 22, Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell was seen in Abu Dhabi for the Grand Prix qualifying session ahead of Sunday’s championship-deciding...
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Prince Charles Urges Constituents To Reconnect With Farming
To celebrate his 66th birthday, Prince Charles wrote a foreword for Country Life magazine, in which he described his worries on the future of the...
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Rita Ora Replacing Kylie Minogue On BBC’s The Voice
It looks like Rita Ora will be joining the judges panel on Britain’s The Voice. According to BBC, the 23-year-old British singer will be replaci...
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‘Kate Middleton Effect’ Boosts U.K. Clothing Sales
The “Kate Middleton Effect” (or “Kate Effect” for short) is an oft used term by the media to describe the effect that Kate Mid...
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Tony Benn Dead at 88, Britain Mourns
Tony Benn, renowned British leftist politician, died Friday at the age of 88, surrounded by loving family. Benn is commonly known for renouncing his f...
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Prince William & Prince Charles Make Wildlife Plea
Prince William and Prince Charles have teamed up to publicize the devastating effects of the illegal wildlife trade in a video they released today, in...
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One Direction Named Top Band Of 2013
One Direction, the British boy band that took the world by storm after appearing together during the 2010 season of X Factor, was named the Global Rec...
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Parents Face Prison For Taking Kids Out Of School
Stewart and Natasha Sutherland simply wanted to enjoy a long awaited family vacation, and took their children out of school for the event. They now ri...
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Prince William to Study at Cambridge University in 2014
Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is returning to school. Kensington Palace made the announcement on Monday. According to the official press release,...
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Plastic Currency Coming To Britain In 2016
When most people think of “plastic currency”, a credit card comes to mind. However, the Bank of England has a very different idea in mind ...
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British Archaeologists Uncover Mesolithic Tools, Roman Skulls
National Geographic reported on Friday that tunnelers who were contracted with expanding the London Underground have discovered over 20 Roman-era skul...
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Clown Terrorizes Town in Britain
A clown is terrorizing a town in Britain. Yes, you read that correctly. Called the “Northampton Clown,” someone is dressing up in a clown ...
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Sarin Found in Syria Clothing Samples, Says Cameron
As the U.S. Congress debates the merits of bombing Syria, the British Prime Minister is also pushing the case for intervention in the Syrian Civil War...
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Intel Report: Syrian Regime Confirmed Chem Agressor
Recognizing the number of casualties is a moving target, at least 426 children are among the 1,429 people killed in last week’s chemical weapons...
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Military Strike Syria: Britain Says No
Since the last WebProNews update on the crisis in Syria, there has been a lot of breaking news. The British parliament voted “no” on the d...
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