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Tag: Bill Gates

Bill Gates Makes Jimmy Fallon Drink Poop Water (His Words!)
You know the scene from The Princess Bride where Westley and Vizzini try to outsmart each other as to who’s going to drink the poisoned wine? Ye...
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Bill Gates Samples from Machine That Turns Poop to Water, Electricity
“I watched the piles of feces go up the conveyer belt and drop into a large bin. They made their way through the machine, getting boiled and tre...
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Mark Zuckerberg, Paul Allen, Bill Gates Outgive Several Major Countries to Fight Ebola
According to a report from Business Insider, three of America’s tech giants are out-giving several major countries in the fight against Ebola. We re...
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Bill & Melinda Gates Donate $1M to Gun Control Initiative
Bill and Melinda Gates have both offered up $500,000 to The Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, “a coalition of concerned citizens and o...
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Bill Gates Is Better Than Most at Dumping Ice Water on Himself
The Ice Bucket Challenge has hit the tech world. In the past few days, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and ...
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Bill Gates and Family Doing it Up Right Vacationing on a $330 Million Yacht
Just because he can, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his family are currently vacationing in Sardinia on a rented 450-foot, $330 million yacht. Th...
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Wireless Birth Control Could Hit the Market by 2018, Thanks to Bill Gates
The concept of implanting birth control that lasts for years is nothing new, but the idea of implanting remote-controlled birth control that can work ...
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Mosquito Repellent 1000x Stronger Than DEET
Researchers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee have developed a mosquito repellent that is 1000 times stronger than DEET, and works on m...
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Steve Jobs Tops CNBC’s ‘First 25’ List, As He Could Really Rock a Turtleneck
CNBC has been around for 25 years now, and in honor of that, decided to come up with what they call the “First 25,” or the 25 people ̶...
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Bill Gates Urges Philanthropy From China’s Wealthiest
Bill Gates may be known as the richest man in the world, but that doesn’t mean he can solve every global problem himself. The co-founder of Micr...
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Bill Gates Tops Forbes’ 2014 List Of 500 Richest People
On March 3rd, Forbes, the well-known American business and financial information magazine, released its yearly tally of the 500 richest people that th...
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Watch Bill Gates Play Chess, Get Destroyed in About a Minute
You gotta have some smarts to become the richest man in the world – and of course, nobody is doubting the intellect of Microsoft co-founder Bill...
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Watch Bill Gates Lose A Chess Match In 79 Seconds
As the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates has to be a pretty smart guy. He helped develop the Windows operating system and made the company the global t...
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Bill Gates Predicts The Future Of Tech On Jimmy Fallon
Bill Gates is a busy man. He’s currently juggling his charity work while also helping the Microsoft’s board search for the company’s...
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Bill Gates Charity Criticized as “Worthless”
Bill Gates is incredibly wealthy; in fact, he’s the most wealthy person in the world. The co-founder of Microsoft and a noted investor, Gates is...
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Your Next-Gen Condoms Could Be Made of Graphene
This past May, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation lamented that the condom, one of the most simple tools ever devised to prevent the spread of s...
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Bill Gates Takes Another Shot at Those Who Prioritize the Cause of Worldwide Internet Access
Bill Gates thinks it’s stupid to prioritize the goal of worldwide internet connectivity over malaria research. This is now the second time that ...
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Bill Gates’ Tops Forbes 400 Again, Grows Even Wealthier
The old cliche, “Money makes money,” is quite factual when it comes to billionaire business magnate, Bill Gates. The man just keeps getting richer...
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‘Gates’ Proves Steve Jobs Isn’t the Only One Who Deserves a Blockbuster Biopic
Tomorrow brings the wide release of Jobs, the Ashton Kutcher-led Steve Jobs biopic. And some time next year, we’ll get another Steve Jobs biopic...
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Bill Gates: Google’s Internet Balloons Won’t Help Kids Dying of Malaria
Back in June Google announced Project Loon, an initiative to bring the internet to remote areas via giant balloons that float around stratospheric win...
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