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Tag: Bill Gates

Bill Gates: Company That Cracks AI Assistants Will Reshape Industry
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has weighed in on AI, saying the company that launches the first real AI personal assistant will disrupt the industry....
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Bill Gates: ‘The Age of AI Has begun’
Bill Gates, famed Microsoft co-founder, has spoken up on AI, saying the technology "struck me as revolutionary."...
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Microsoft Releases Results of Independent Transparency Report
Microsoft has released the results of an independent transparency report on the company's handling of harassment and discrimination policies....
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Gates Foundation Likely to Shut Down in 25 Years
Bill Gates has shared his thoughts on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, revealing it will likely shut down in 25 years....
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Bill Gates: Crypto and NFTs ‘100% Based on Greater Fool Theory’
Don't count Bill Gates as a fan of cryptocurrency or NFTs, with the tech icon calling them "100% based on greater fool theory."...
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Microsoft’s Alex Kipman Resigning Following Allegations, Raising Questions About Nadella
One of Microsoft's "golden boy" executives, Alex Kipman, is resigning following a scathing report on inappropriate behavior and misconduct....
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Bill Gates and Elon Musk Are At It Again, This Time Over Climate Change
Bill Gates and Elon Musk are at it again, taking aim at each other over climate change....
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Microsoft Orders Review of Harassment and Discrimination Policies, Including Bill Gates’ Case
Microsoft’s board has ordered a review of the company’s handling of sexual harassment and discrimination investigations, including one involving B...
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Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures Leads Investment in Ag Robots
Breakthrough Energy Ventures has led a $53 million Series C investment round in Iron Ox, a leading agricultural robot company....
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Bill Gates Pledges $1.5 Billion for Climate Change if Infrastructure Bill Passes
Bill Gates has pledged some $1.5 billion to help combat climate change if President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill passes Congress....
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Bill Gates, Fourth Richest Human, Announces Divorce
Bill and Melinda Gates have announced their divorce, putting into question the fourth largest personal fortune....
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Bill Gates: Over 50% Of Business Travel To Go Away Permanently
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says that over 50% of business travel and 30% of time in the office will never come back even after pandemic restricti...
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Video Timeline: Richest Billionaires Over The Last 10 Years
Forbes created a cool video two-minute video timeline of the richest billionaires in America over the last ten years. The current wealthiest American,...
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Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft Board
Microsoft has announced that co-founder Bill Gates has stepped down from the company's Board of Directors....
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Bill Gates Backing Tech That Could Replace Fossil Fuel For Manufacturing
Despite the many alternatives to fossil fuel, one segment of the market that has struggled to embrace them is manufacturing. Thanks to a company Bill ...
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Ballmer Says Satya Nadella is Taking Microsoft “To Infinity and Beyond”
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently told Bloomberg that current CEO Satya Nadella is taking Microsoft “to infinity and beyond.” In...
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Bill Gates Reacts To Namecheck In Beyoncé’s ‘Formation’
Most people would spaz at a shout-out in a Beyoncé track, but Bill Gates is not as well-versed in the Top 40 as the rest of us. The Microsoft founder...
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Steve Wozniak Is Also Concerned About Our Future Robot Overlords
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has become the latest tech figure to warn us that the computers are learning and they’re going to destroy us all ...
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Bill Gates Is Concerned About the Rise of the Machines, and Why the Hell Aren’t You?
Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates, who knows a thing or two about technology, is concerned about the day when our artificial intelligence gets a l...
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Bill Gates Says Lives of the Poor Will Improve in Next 15 Years
In their annual letter, Bill Gates and wife Melinda have outlined their vision for where they see poverty going in the world. While many may see the g...
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