Bill Gates Makes Jimmy Fallon Drink Poop Water (His Words!)

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You know the scene from The Princess Bride where Westley and Vizzini try to outsmart each other as to who's going to drink the poisoned wine? Yeah, you know the one.

Remember how it went down?

Well, Bill Gates basically pulled a Westley on The Tonight Show and tricked Jimmy Fallon into drinking poop water (THEY WERE BOTH POISONED, AHA!).

In other news, Bill Gates is officially calling it "poop water" now. Check it out:

If you're confused as to why anyone is drinking poop water, check here. Basically, the billionaire head of The Gates Foundation has put his weight behind an interesting project – an “ingenious” machine called the Omniprocessor, which takes solid waste and turns it into electricity, clean water, and a little bit of ash.

Image via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, YouTube

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