Microsoft and Nvidia Partner to Build Cloud-Based Supercomputer

Microsoft and Nvidia are teaming up to build a cloud-based supercomputer with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI).

Microsoft’s Latest Quarter Is a Mixed Bag

Microsoft delivered its quarterly results Wednesday and it was a mixed bag of news.

Microsoft and Starlink Combine Cloud Computing and Anywhere Connectivity

Microsoft is expanding its focus on space, working with SpaceX to combine the power of Azure with the latter’s Starlink internet.

Microsoft Unveils Ampere Altra Arm-Based Virtual Machines for Azure

Microsoft is throwing its weight behind Arm-based cloud computing, unveiling Ampere Altra Arm virtual machines (VMs) on its Azure platform.

Supply Chain Issues May Be Constraining Azure Server Availability

Supply chain issues may be negatively impacting Microsoft’s Azure cloud service, constraining the supply of available server resources.

Microsoft and Next Pathway Partner to Speed Up Cloud Migration

Microsoft has partnered Next Pathway to help companies speed up their migration from legacy data warehouses to Microsoft Azure.

AWS Exec Takes Microsoft to Task for Cloud Licensing Terms

AWS’ SVP of Sales and Marketing is calling out Microsoft for its cloud licensing terms, despite the latter company’s recent changes.

Microsoft and Oracle Partner to Integrate Azure and Oracle Cloud

Microsoft and Oracle are partnering to integrate their platforms, providing customers with a powerful multicloud option.

Microsoft’s Netflix Formula: Promise Big and Don’t Compete

Microsoft surprised the industry Netflix chose the Redmond company for its advertising ambitions, but Microsoft had a winning formula.

Tom Keane, Microsoft Cloud VP, Leaving After Reports of Verbal Abuse

Tom Keane, Microsoft Cloud VP, is leaving the company after allegations he verbally “cut people down to pieces” on a regular basis.

Microsoft Wins Permission to Provide Azure Access in Kuwait

Microsoft has received permission to provide cloud services in Kuwait, a big win for the company as it continues to expand its cloud business.

Microsoft Azure Is a Major Threat to AWS

Multiple reports are showing that Microsoft Azure is increasingly becoming a major threat to AWS in the cloud space.

Microsoft Brings Azure Virtual Machines to Arm Processors

Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines are making their way to Arm processors, bringing significant performance improvements over x86.

Microsoft Hit With EU Antitrust Complaint Over Its Cloud Business

Microsoft has been hit with an antitrust complaint regarding its cloud business in the EU, as rivals try to compete against the second-largest cloud provider.

Microsoft Taking Platform Agnostic Approach to Cloud Security

Microsoft has signaled it wants to provide security for cloud-based companies in general, regardless of whether they use Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud.

Microsoft Quarterly Report Smashes Expectations on Strong Cloud

Microsoft has reported its latest quarterly earnings, smashing Wall Street expectations on strong cloud growth.

Microsoft Beats Estimates on Strong Cloud Performance

Microsoft has announced its FY22 Q1 results, beating analysts expectations on strong cloud growth.

Wedbush: Microsoft’s ‘Picasso-Like Masterpiece Quarter’ Will Exceed Estimates

Microsoft’s run of good quarters appears poised to continue, with a “Picasso-like masterpiece quarter.”

Microsoft Relies on SUSE Linux for SAP Applications in Azure

Gone are the days of Linux and Microsoft being rivals, with the Redmond giant embracing SUSE Linux to run SAP applications in Azure.

Microsoft Warns Customers of Major Azure Security Issue

Microsoft is warning impacted customers of a flaw in Azure Container Instances (ACI) that could allow individuals to access other customers information.