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Amazon Hires Creator Of Portal To Make Games For The Fire TV [Report]
When you’re building a new gaming platform, what do you do first? If you’re smart, you secure talent to create content for said platform. ...
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Valve Is Porting Portal To The Nvidia Shield
Nobody really takes Android gaming that seriously. Ouya tried to appeal to the core gamer with its Kickstarter-backed platform, but it has pretty much...
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‘Portal’ Fan Film Depicts the End of Humans at Aperture Laboratories
It’s easy to see why the Portal games have such a devoted fanbase. The games feature no combat to speak of, and (in addition to wonderfully-writ...
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Do Want: Bioshock, Portal, and Skyrim as Little Golden Books
If there are two things that my future children will be acquainted with at an early age, its Little Golden Books and Bioshock. One artist has put the ...
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Play Portal on Your Graphing Calculator, Because Why Not
I have fond memories of pretending to perform algebraic equations while instead playing awesome calculator games on my couple hundred-dollar TI-83. An...
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Portal 2 DLC For PlayStation Move is on the Way
November 6 is a big day. It’s election day in the U.S. More importantly, it’s also launch day for Halo 4. Sony is trying its best to take ...
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MADE: A Fully Functional Sentry Turret from Portal
TARGET ACQUIRED. DISPENSING PRODUCT. Are you still there? Good, because I want to show you what’s going to be the envy of every gaming room and ...
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Portal 2 Brings Co-Op Level Creation And Coupons To PC Gamers
Valve is never truly finished with a game. Barring their continued lack of support for Half-Life, the developer continues to add new updates to all of...
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Watch This Guy Beat Portal In 8 Minutes
Speed runs are one of my most favorite things when it comes to gaming. Watching a grand master complete a game in the fraction of the time it took me ...
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LEGO + Portal = Shut Up And Take My Money
I love LEGO. I love Portal. What if there was a way to combine my love for two equally awesome things into a single property of epic proportions? Good...
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This Quantum Conundrum Game Show Could Have Been Nick Arcade (It’s Not)
I think I’m not the only one who yearns for a return of Nick Arcade. The early 90s game show featured kids answering trivia questions based arou...
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“I’m Different” – Official Portal Turret Replicas Up For Sale
It has been well over a year since Portal 2 was released, and in that time enthusiasm for the game doesn’t seem to have died down. Just this yea...
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Complete Your Portal 2-Themed Android Phone With a Wheatley Live Wallpaper
Were you one of the lucky few in the U.S. who were actually able to get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy S III yesterday? Can’t get enough Portal...
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Schools Can Now Think With Portals For Free
There’s no denying that the education system needs some work. Children just aren’t interested in the old boring way of learning anymore. W...
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The Dangers Of An IRL Portal Gun On Display In POrtal: Terminal Velocity
It’s clear that having a Portal gun would be pretty useful in a variety of scenarios. Need to catapult yourself over a high wall? Simple, just c...
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Portal 2 Makes Super Street Fighter II A Fighter For The Ages
I was one of those weird kids that didn’t like Street Fighter II that much when everybody else was playing it on the SNES. I much preferred Rare...
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Guy Builds Functional Portal Turret in Robotics Class
Youtube user kss5095 built a real working model of the turrets from Portal in his Advanced Mechatronics class at Penn State University. The turret act...
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Listen to the Portal DLC Cave Johnson Quotes – All 26 Minutes of Them
The Portal 2 downloadable content (DLC) that was released this week isn’t just a custom map maker. Ok, it pretty much is, but Valve has never be...
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In the Portal 2 DLC Trailer, Cave Johnson Shows Off His Multiverse Con
Yesterday it was reported that new downloadable content (DLC) for Portal 2 would be released on May 8th. Now a trailer for the DLC has been released s...
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New Portal 2 Content Coming May 8th
Valve, creators of games such as Half Life and Portal, have announced that new downloadable content (DLC) for the award-winning Portal 2 will be relea...
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