Do Want: Bioshock, Portal, and Skyrim as Little Golden Books

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If there are two things that my future children will be acquainted with at an early age, its Little Golden Books and Bioshock.

One artist has put the two together (along with Portal and Skyrim) to create some killer mashups.

"As the sun sets on this current generation of video games, I've been thinking about some of the classic games that people will still (hopefully) point to years from now and hold them up as games that made a difference, and possibly, for some child out there, Portal or Skyrim will be a memory from their early childhood," says the artist, Joey Spiotto.

Right on. Hopefully, my kids will sleep with a Mr. Bubbles. Maybe even a Dovahkiin doll. Maybe, if I have a daughter, she can don the orange pants and white tank-top of our Portal heroine for Halloween. Those are the kinds of thoughts that occur to me while looking at these wonderful little prints. Bravo.

You can purchase the 3-print set for $50 over on Etsy.

[Joebot via Kotaku]
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