China Files WTO Complaint Over US Chip Sanctions

China is going on the offensive, filing a complaint with the World Trade Organization over US efforts to sanction its semiconductor industry.

Apple Sued Over AirTags for Revolutionizing Scope of Stalking

Apple is once again under fire over its AirTags devices, with a class-action suit filed over their use in stalking.

Half of Small Computer Repair Shops Access Private Data

In a report that surprises no one, half of of small computer shops access customers’ private data, with some copying and saving it.

Chinese Firms Throttling Semiconductors to Avoid US Restrictions

Chinese firms are going to extreme measures to circumvent US chip sanctions, even resorting to throttling semiconductor performance.

Charter Raises Spectrum Home Internet Prices

Charter is raising prices for multiple Spectrum home internet plans, including its base plan.

Comcast Ties Higher Upload Speeds to $25 a Month Equipment Rental

Comcast is once again proving why it has earned its place as one of America’s most hated companies.

Microsoft Mistake Left Millions of PCs Vulnerable for Years

Microsoft is under fire for a mistake that left millions of PCs vulnerable for years, according to a new report.

Most AT&T Customers Will Not Be Able to Access Faster 5G

Many of AT&T’s customers are in for a major disappointment, with the carrier’s mid-band 5G not supporting the majority of recent phones.

Brazil Looking to Standardize on USB-C for Phone Chargers

Brazil is investigating the possibility of mandating USB-C for phone chargers, the latest country to consider such measures.

Google Hangouts Is Shutting Down November 2022

Google is shaking up its messaging efforts yet again, urging users to migrate from Hangouts to Google chat before November 2022.

Apple Significantly Raises Starting Pay For Hourly Employees

Apple is significantly raising its starting pay for hourly employees, some 45% over 2018 levels.

Top Websites Capture Email and Passwords — Without You Clicking ‘Submit’

New research shows that some of the world’s top websites collect data — including emails and passwords — from forms even if the user does not click the ‘Submit’ button.

Severe Vulnerability Impacts Linux and Android

A new, severe vulnerability is putting Linux computers and many Android phones at risk.

YouTube Offering Top Podcasters $50K to Make the Jump to Video

YouTube is working to entice its top podcasters to make the jump to video, offering $50,000 to sweeten the deal.

Open Source Drivers or Else: Nvidia Hackers Make Demands

The hackers responsible for an Nvidia data breach have finally made their demands, wanting the company to release open source GPU drivers.

AT&T Enterprise Customers Hit by Data-Stealing Malware

AT&T customers are being hit with a malware attack that uses a network edge device to steal data.

Google Working to Bring Android Closer to Linux Kernel

Google is working to bring Android closer to the Linux kernel in a move that could significantly speed up development time.

TSMC Will Be Carbon Neutral By 2050

TSMC has announced it plans to be carbon neutral by 2050, a major achievement for the world’s largest chip foundry.

US Officials Warn EU Against Targeting American Companies

US officials are warning the EU not to single out American companies with “protectionist” tech policies.

Android Phones Home 20x More Than iOS

A computer researcher at Trinity College Dublin has released a report showing Android phones home to Google 20x more than iOS does to Apple.