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Tag: Animals

Bison Selfie Turns Ugly for Woman at Yellowstone
When deciding whether or not to take a selfie with a wild animal, you gotta do some risk-reward calculations. Is taking a selfie with a bison worth th...
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‘Zombie Cat’ Now the Subject of Legal Battle
Bart, the “zombie cat” who stole headlines when he rose from grave after being presumed dead is back in the news. This time, he’s th...
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Puppy-Sized Spider Killed By Scientist Sparks Outrage Online
Piotr Naskrecki, a Harvard researcher, was recently crucified online for killing the puppy-sized spider he found while walking through a rainforest in...
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Linda Blair Uses Her Fame To Help Animals
A lot of celebrities use their fame to raise money and awareness for certain causes and charities. Linda Blair, who is known for her 1973 role in The ...
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Brutus The Crocodile Takes On Shark
Crocodiles and sharks actually have a quite a lot in common. Both animals are readily associated with the water. Both are known as formidable predator...
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Panda Animal Clinic Offers Groundbreaking Holistic Care for Pets
Holistic medicine, also known as holistic health or holism, is an all-inclusive type of health care that attempts to focus on all areas of a person...
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Biggest Flying Bird Revealed, Wingspan 24 Feet
On Monday, paleontologists revealed the biggest flying bird to ever live. They called the bird Pelagornis sandersi, which belonged to a family of toot...
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Two-Faced-Cats: Yes, They Are Real [VIDEO]
Venus, a two-faced cat, has taken the internet by storm with her unique, two-faced look. Venus is a chimera, which makes her one of the rarest cats in...
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Jenga Cat: This Game Playing Kitty Has Skills [VIDEO]
If you’ve ever gotten annoyed when playing Jenga because your big, clumsy hands are constantly causing that tower to fall over, then you’r...
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Depressed Goat Reunites With Burro Friend [VIDEO]
In a heartwarming story that will show you just how strong the emotional bond between animals can be, a depressed goat ended his hunger strike after b...
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Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack, Becomes Obvious Internet Hero
While I’m hesitant to hand the “man’s best friend” title over to our feline companions, I will say that in this particular cir...
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Squirrels Hate Your Selfies, Bro
Now that ‘Selfie’ is the reigning word of the year and everyone from Kim Kardashian to President Obama are spending at least part of their...
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Bears Drag Woman From Garage in Florida
In a terrifying story out of Lake Murray, Florida, a woman was attacked by black bears in her garage. The bears dragged the woman from her garage and ...
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Cat Traps Family After Trying to Attack a Baby in Oregon
All of the cat haters in the world will feel vindicated after reading about an incident in Oregon where a cat traps a family in a bedroom. This happen...
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HIV Prevention Shot May Replace Pills
Two separate HIV studies on macaque monkeys show very promising results. Researchers from Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center at Rockefeller Univer...
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Yelp CEO Contributes $23K To Catch Whoever Has Been Trying To Poison San Francisco’s Dogs With Meatballs
Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman is really looking to make a difference this week. Not only did he write an open letter to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer urgin...
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Everglades Whales Stranded and Beached
The Everglades has been described to this writer as “the Australia of America,” in that most of the things inhabiting it, including many o...
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‘Theo and Beau’ Are the Cutest Napping Pals [VIDEO]
Dogs haven’t received the reputation of being “man’s best friend” for nothing. The recent story of Beau (a toddler living in M...
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Head-Butting Elk Gets Euthanized
I guess playful head butting can be considered dangerous to some. Remember the YouTube viral video featuring an elk headbutting a photographer who was...
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Woman Named Cowit Hit a Bunch of Cows While Texting and Driving
In you-couldn’t-possibly-make-up-if-you-tried news, a woman named Daisy Cowit has been charged with a handful of crimes after plowing into a bun...
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