Brutus The Crocodile Takes On Shark

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Crocodiles and sharks actually have a quite a lot in common.

Both animals are readily associated with the water. Both are known as formidable predators. Lastly, they are both terrifying and have razor sharp teeth.

The average person isn’t exactly a fan of the idea of crossing paths with either creature.

That doesn’t mean that we aren’t curious about what would happen if the two animals were to cross paths.

Australian tourists came across this incredible scenario on Tuesday when a crocodile named Brutus attacked a bull shark.

The reptile, which is reportedly 18-feet in length, was seen by the tourists diving into the water to eat a piece of buffalo meat that had been left out for the crocodiles on a pole.

When the boat carrying the visitors passed by Brutus a second time, they observed a fin protruding from the croc’s mouth.

Tourist Andrew Pierce said that he was “awestruck” by the experience.

“So were the rest of the people. [The guide] had never seen it before either and he had been there for about 30 years."

Images taken of the aftermath are a crude testament to the deadly battle.

While it’s pretty clear that Brutus got the better of the bull shark, onlookers aren’t sure whether or not to declare it a flawless victory.

"When we pulled the boat in closer [Brutus] slid back into the water. And when the shark, or the mouth of the croc, hit the water, the shark started to thrash around.”

Whether Brutus succeeded in eating his fishy dinner or the shark got away is anyone’s guess.

It is known that even though Brutus came out the winner, he didn’t leave the battle unscathed; witnesses say that the crocodile lost almost all of his teeth in the scrap.


Hope it was worth it, Brutus.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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