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Google Rebrands AdWords, Introduces ‘Smart Campaigns’ for Small Businesses
Google has revamped how its ad services and products are organized and sold in a bid to make its advertising system easier for brands to understand. A...
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5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Google AdWords Budget
Every company wants to have a successful ad campaign. Unfortunately, most don’t have the big budget necessary to compete with major companies. B...
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Google Removed 1.7 Billion Bad Ads in 2016
Google more than doubled the amount of ads it took down in 2016 from its platform compared to 2015, removing over 1.7 billion “bad” ads. W...
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Google Proclaims 2016, “The Year of the Supershopper”
In a blog post last week Google declared 2016 as the year of the supershopper. They define a supershopper as someone who is shopping primarily on thei...
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New Features for Google Adwords: Campaign Groups and Performance Targets
Google announced today new features in their Adwords product, campaign groups and performance targets, both intended to make it easier for you to trac...
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Google Ad Partner Specializations Launched So Agencies Can Stand Out
Partner Specializations are now being awarded to Google Partner’s that can demonstrate expertise in particular areas in order for these firms to...
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Nissan UK: 6% Adwords Conversion Rate Of Showroom Visits From Mobile Clicks
Marc Palmer, Marketing Communications Manager of Nissan UK, recently spoke in an Adwords promotional video for Google on the effectiveness of using Go...
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How ‘3 Day Blinds’ Drives Phone Calls With Google Adwords
Adele Nasr, Director of Marketing at 3 Day Blinds recently did a promotional video with the Google Adwords team to illustrate how they effectively dro...
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Google Adwords Adjusting To A “Mobile-First World”
It’s a Mobile-First World for Google with significant Adwords changes announced at its Google Performance Summit. Google also posted about these...
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Google Aims New Six-Second Bumper Ads At ‘Snackable Videos’
Google just announced a new six-second video ad format called Bumper Ads, which it will sell through the AdWords auction on a CPM basis. The ads, the ...
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AdWords Account Managers Get New Alerting Framework
Google announced a new Alerting Framework for AdWords to help account managers (particularly those managing multiple accounts) quickly solve issues an...
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Google Helps You Eliminate Duplicate Conversions With Order IDs in Conversion Tags
AdWords advertisers can now insert order IDs into AdWords conversion tags so duplicate conversions from the same device are automatically filtered out...
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AdWords Impression Share Change Will Affect API
Google said on Tuesday that beginning later this month, AdWords will begin rolling out a new calculation for impression share. This will affect report...
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Google Releases New Guide To Help Advertisers Go Global
Google has a new guide with best practices for helping advertisers enter international markets and go global. Don’t worry, it’s not a big ...
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Google Redesigns AdWords Interface
As more searches now take place on smartphones than on computers around the world, Google announced it is redesigning the user interface of its fiftee...
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What They’re Saying About The Loss of Google Right-Side Ads
You’re probably aware that Google recently stopped showing the normal text AdWords ads on the right-side of search results pages on the desktop,...
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Google Gives Game App Developers New Ad Formats, Targeting
At the Games Developers Conference, Google announced some new features for AdWords and AdMob to make it easier for developers to reach the right users...
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Google Ads Get Scheduled Uploads For Product Inventory
To help businesses ensure they have the right product inventory info in their ads, Google announced that advertisers can now keep customized ads up to...
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AdWords Gets Bulk IDFA/Advertising ID Upload On Android, iOS
Google announced the launch of bulk IDFA/advertising ID upload for app marketers across Android and iOS. According to the company, this will help adve...
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Google Releases Keyword Optimizer Sample App
Google announced the release of the Keyword Optimizer sample app for the AdWords API, which combines functionalities of Keyword Planner and the API se...
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