Google Adwords Adjusting To A "Mobile-First World"

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It's a Mobile-First World for Google with significant Adwords changes announced at its Google Performance Summit. Google also posted about these changes on its Inside Adwords blog. Among the changes are increasing ad titles from 25 to 30 characters and increasing ad descriptions from 35 to 80 characters. Google noted that in tests of these larger sized ads some advertisers reported a 20% improvement in click-through rates.

Check out the full announcement here:

Google also is encouraging ads to blend in with content:

How do display ads look in a mobile-first world? From sites to apps to videos, mobile has unlocked a universe of new spaces to reach consumers. Responsive ads for display adapt to the diverse content across the more than two million publisher sites and apps on the Google Display Network (GDN). They also unlock new native inventory so you can engage consumers with ads that match the look and feel of the content they’re browsing. Simply provide headlines, a description, an image, and a URL -- and Google will automatically design these beautiful responsive ads.

Another big announcement from Google is a new flexibility within Adwords to optimize bids for specific devices:

What does bidding look like in a mobile-first world? Marketers need more control and flexibility to optimize bids on specific devices. In the next few months, you’ll be able to set individual bid adjustments for each device type -- mobile, desktop and tablet. This lets you anchor your base keyword bid to the device most valuable to your business and then set bid adjustments for each of the other devices. You will also have a wider range to adjust bids, up to +900%. With more controls, you can now optimize with greater precision while keeping things simple with a single campaign that reaches consumers across devices.

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