Ericsson Mobility Report: 5G Uptake Outpacing 4G

Ericsson has released the June 2021 Ericsson Mobility Report, and it’s good news for 5G adoption.

Huawei Could Monitor Calls on One of the Largest Dutch Wireless Networks

Huawei is facing accusations that it had the access and ability to monitor all the calls made on KPN’s wireless network, one of the largest in the Netherlands.

Verizon Changes Direction on 3G Shutdown

Verizon has announced it is delaying the shutdown of its 3G network indefinitely.

T-Mobile Soon Will Require VoLTE Phones

T-Mobile will soon require all phones on its network to support 4G Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in an effort to free up spectrum.

5G Deploying Faster Than 4G

While it may seem 5G is taking a long time to roll out, new data shows deployment is moving along much faster than its predecessors.

New 5G Security Flaws Discovered, Threatening Privacy and Security

Companies around the world are working to roll out 5G networks, facing regulatory, logistic, economic and technical hurdles along the way. Now, according to WIRED, researchers have discovered a number of new flaws in the specification, adding yet another challenge…

4G Data Use to Overtake 3G Worldwide by 2016

Mobile providers in the U.S. are constantly waging marketing battles touting their 4G networks and speeds. High-end smartphone manufacturers have all moved past 4G as a differentiating feature for their handsets. Despite this situation, market research firm ABI Research estimates…

Apple Announcement: FaceTime Will Work Over Cellular Network

When FaceTime was first introduced, people often wondered if they would one day have the ability to make calls over 3G. At first it was only available on Wi-Fi, but no longer. As part of the announcement for the new…

AT&T Increases Data Caps For Prepaid Plans

AT&T has announced that they are raising the data caps on some of their data plans. Under the new caps, the same amount of money will get you twice the data. Now, before all you iPhone owners get your hopes…