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Pokemon Games to Include “Soaring” Mega-Evolutions
Pokemon fans are in for even more new content next month when Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire arrive on store shelves. Nintendo and The ...
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Nintendo Finally Lower The Price On Select 3DS Games
Nintendo has a reputation for never lowering the prices of their first party titles. During the Wii and DS days, it took them years to finally release...
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Nintendo Is Bringing Tomodachi Life To The U.S.
Over the past few years, one of the biggest performers on the DS in Japan has been the Tomodachi Collection franchise. We never got any of the titles ...
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New Super Smash Bros. To Appeal To Core And Casual Fans Alike
Super Smash Bros. is an interesting beast. It has to appeal to its core fanbase that plays it like a fighter while still appealing to those who play i...
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Kirby Triple Deluxe Inspires Pink 2DS In Europe
Nintendo loves to release special hardware in tandem with software. Just last month, it released a special Yoshi-themed 3DS to go along with the relea...
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Six Mega Man Games Coming To 3DS In May
Capcom may not be making any new Mega Man games anytime soon, but the company is no stranger to milking older games in the franchise. It’s alrea...
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Disney Magical World Looks Absolutely Delightful
It’s no secret that I’m a fan of pretty much everything Disney cranks out. I’m even willing to do away with my masculinity in exchan...
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Wii U To Get Over 50 Unity Titles, Engine Support Might Come To 3DS
Over the last few years, Unity has become one of the most prominent game engines in the industry thanks to its low cost and universal compatibility. N...
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Pokemon Battle Trozei Headlines This Week’s Nintendo Download
Did you already catch ’em all in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y? Are you getting bored of your adventures in Pokemon’s version of France? If so, ...
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Mario Golf: World Tour Redefines Water Hazard
Golf punishes players who hit balls into the water with a one stroke penalty. What happens then when the entire course is underwater? Mario Golf may h...
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Yoshi’s New Island Headlines This Week’s Nintendo Download
For the past month, the Nintendo Download has been pretty barren. Even major releases would be accompanied by maybe one or two more games. That finall...
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Nintendo Wants You To Know That Its Indie Friendly
The current generation of game consoles have forced change onto all three platform holders. One of the biggest changes is their approach to indie game...
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Yoshi’s New Island Trailer Reminds You That March Has A Nintendo Release
March is shaping up to be a huge month for gamers. Titanfall and Dark Souls II came out today, and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD comes out next week. Nintend...
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Golf And Bloks Make Up This Week’s Nintendo Download
The Nintendo Download has been lacking in new content for the past few months. Major releases offer minor relief, but Nintendo more often than not rel...
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Iwata: Nintendo Isn’t Changing Anytime Soon
Nintendo didn’t have a stellar 2013. The Wii U continues to be a disaster and the 3DS can only do so much to offset those losses. In the face of...
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Nintendo Announces Yoshi-Themed Nintendo 3DS XL
With the Year of Luigi wrapping up on March 18, Nintendo needs a new mascot character to lead the way in 2014. While any one character may not get a y...
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Professor Layton Finds His Way Into The Nintendo Download
For the past few weeks, the Nintendo Download has been a bit on the skimpy side. That’s not going to change this week as Nintendo only has one m...
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Nintendo Shutting Down Wii, DS Online Services In May
The Wii and DS were the first Nintendo consoles to offer online play through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The service wasn’t exactly the best ...
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Here’s A Behind The Scenes Look At Sonic Boom
Sega surprised everyone earlier this month when it announced a reboot of Sonic called Sonic Boom. The new game ties into a new CG-animated TV series a...
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Buy A Nintendo 3DS And A Game, Get Pokemon X/Y For Free
Nintendo regularly offers deals and promotions, but they aren’t exactly what you’d call satisfactory. While Sony is busy chopping 75 perce...
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