Nintendo Finally Lower The Price On Select 3DS Games


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Nintendo has a reputation for never lowering the prices of their first party titles. During the Wii and DS days, it took them years to finally release "Player's Choice" versions of some earlier titles thus effectively dropping the price to $20. There were still many older games that were retailing for $50 though. With the 3DS, it looked like Nintendo would be doing the same, but it's now finally lowering the price on some select titles.

Nintendo announced today that five of its best selling 3DS games will have their prices lowered to $30 starting April 22. The five games are Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Super Mario 3D Land, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Mario Kart 7 and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. Nintendo says these five games represent over 9 million software units sold across both retail and digital. The price drop should increase the number of units sold even more.

If you have yet to pick any of these games up, now would be a good time to do it. If you need some help, let's take a look at each title individually.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the latest entry in the best-selling life simulation series from Nintendo. You'll move into a town, quickly become its mayor and then help the residents with their everyday lives while enjoying the quiet town in which they all live. Here's a trailer:

Super Mario 3D Land is a combination of old and new with gameplay inspired by both Super Mario Galaxy and older titles like Super Mario Land. It's easily the best handheld Mario platformer ever made and those who haven't played it yet are definitely missing out.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is a direct sequel to the original New Super Mario Bros. on the Nintendo DS. The original game was a callback to the original game on the NES while the sequel puts a twist on the formula with a focus on coins. Players will not only make their way through platforming challenges, but will also be challenged to remain focused on collecting as many coins as possible.

Mario Kart 7 is the latest in long running franchise. While not much has changed in the series since the original, Mario Kart 7 does introduce some new elements, including hang-gliders and tracks that are partially underwater.

Finally, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is a remake of the DKC reboot that appeared on the Wii. All the levels from the original are here and even some new ones were added.

Image via Nintendo/YouTube