Tablet Owners Prefer to Multitask With TV, Shows Survey


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A new survey by NPD DisplaySearch has shown that 88% of tablet owners use their tablet while watching TV. 82% of smartphone owners also multitasked online while watching TV. The analyst firm's "Quarterly Multi-Screen Usage Study" found that the most common tasks device owners perform while watching TV include email, texting, Facebooking, and just surfing the web.

“The rise in connected mobile devices has changed the way consumers view TV and online content,” said Riddhi Patel, research director at DisplaySearch. “For many people around the world, multi-tasking with apps on smartphones and tablets while watching TV has forever changed the traditional TV-focused viewing experience.”

In addition to those that use mobile devices while watching TV, the majority of tablet and smartphone owners also use their devices to watch content instead of watching it on a TV. According to the survey, 65% of smartphone owners and 85% of tablet owners now admit to watching online content on devices rather than TV, citing the mobility and personal nature of the devices as reasons.

The survey also found that tablet and smartphone owners in emerging markets (BRIC nations) were more likely to to watch content on mobile devices instead of on TV. Patel pointed out the survey shows that owning mobile devices can affect the purchase of smaller TVs, but not larger ones that may be found in more "mature" markets such as the U.S.