Super Mario Land Continues The Celebration Of All Things Mario This Week

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Nintendo is continuing its Month of Mario promotion that was started last week to celebrate the impending launch of New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS. Last week saw the original Super Mario Bros. discounted to a lower price. This week's discounted game is for one of the strangest Mario games ever made.

Super Mario Land, which originally debuted on the Game Boy, is the discounted Mario title for the week. If you ever had the chance to play the classic platformer, you know that Super Mario Land is one of the strangest Mario titles ever made. It features a vastly different world from any other Mario game with enemies that the franchise has yet to see again including aliens and evil Sphinxes.

As for new games this week, the eShop is host to The Lost Town - The Jungle. It's an original action/adventure title for the DSi and 3DS that puts the player in the role of Chilia. As Chilia, players will have to navigate the jungle to find a meteorite that has covered the land in darkness.

The other game available this week is 3D Solitaire. It's available only on the 3DS as the title implies. If you have been feeling the need to play solitaire in glasses free 3D, this is the game for you.

Other updates this week include a new episode of Dinosaur Office and the beginning of a series of videos covering the features in New Super Mario Bros. 2. The first video covers the Rainbow Courses in the game that give players an opportunity to collect more coins than they know what to do with.

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