Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 Trailer Released


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As PC gamers will tell you, mods for games are often more fun and creative than the original games themselves. Anyone who has installed the Macho Man Randy Savage dragon mod for Skyrim would have to agree. Most of the fun is usually reserved for PC gamers, though, as consoles are locked down pretty well. Still, genuine fans will always find a way to get more of what they love. In that spirit, the trailer for Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 was released this week.

Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 is a fan mod for Super Mario Galaxy 2 that will include new levels and a new campaign for Mario to jump through. A demo for the game has also been released, and can be downloaded at the game's project forums.

Of course, to play the demo for this fan mod of Super Mario Galaxy 2, gamers are going to have to hack their WII console a bit. The game requires that the Homebrew Channel be installed onto the Wii, as well as Riivolution, a game patcher that will allow games to read extra game data from SD cards. The game also requires a normal Super Mario Galaxy 2 disc. Instructions on how to play the mod can be found in the description for the video.

Check out the trailer for the mod below, which features rolling chomps, a floating Yoshi, and, of course, stars: