Star Wars Takes the World's Money [Infographic]


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In case you didn't know, Star Wars is A. Very popular, and B. A cash cow for George Lucas. Why else do you think he has made 79 remakes of his films? I mean, come on! How many times do they need to release a remastered version of Jar Jar fing up my childhood?

Michael Cerwonka decided to create a Star Wars Infographic that shows how much of a genius George Lucas really is. For him to take the initiave and snag the merchandising rights has allowed him to keep his film franchise firmly in his grasp.

This infographic is featured on and they managed to get a comment from the Lucasfilm people aboutwhich character is the most profitable:

"Darth Vader is one of the most popular Star Wars characters across most product categories."

Translation into basic: Vader Force chokes the other characters.