Star Trek Sequel: Chris Pine, Alex Kurtzman Remain Tight-Lipped

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Fans have been clambering for information regarding the highly-anticipated "Star Trek" sequel since the film's announcement, though, in true J.J. Abrams fashion, very little about the project has been made available to the public. Outside of a few rumors regarding Benedict Cumberbatch's turn as Kahn -- even IMdB Pro has him listed as "rumored" -- specific details about the flick have been kept to a bare minimum.

In an effort shed some light on the subject, a few journalists made a valiant attempt to extract a few bits and pieces from Chris Pine and Alex Kurtzman during their promotional junket for "People LIke Us". In all honestly, it has to suck answering questions about one project when you're there to promote another. Then again, given the popularity of the "Star Trek" franchise, I'm sure they were prepared for such inquiries.

Pine, who plays Captain James T. Kirk in the forthcoming sequel, tossed a few hints in Collider's general direction, though, to be honest, they really don't amount to much. Unless, of course, you consider the term "mythic" to hold some sort of hidden meaning.

"With the second one, people will find that it’s the mythic structure, done really well. The character journeys are just perfect mythic structures," Pine explained. "They do it so well. The journeys with the characters will be really great, and the explosions and set pieces are going to knock people out of their seats."

According to, Kurtzman was quick to address the film's absence from this year's San Diego Comic Con. "Part of why we delayed a year was because we didn't want to rush it," he said. "Just because we feel very beholden to the franchise and we feel very protective of it and the worst thing we can do is to put it out there before we felt like we were ready and we were still working on the story."

In other words, the cast and crew aren't giving anything away right now. Curious parties will have to direct their attention to the "Star Trek" sequel's trailer, which, hopefully, will attach itself to a major theatrical release sometime soon. While you're waiting for that to happen, take a look at a few leaked set images below.