Spotify Lets Artists Hawk Merch, For Free, Directly on Their Pages

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Spotify has just announced that artists can now list their merchandise directly on their artist pages, allowing them to link to any existing merch site - all for free.

Through a partnership with Topspin, Spotify is looking to attract more artists to the service by letting them generate additional income with no additional cost. The Spotify/Topspin merch feature also allows artists to continue selling their t-shirts, posters, vinyl, etc. in the way they’re used to doing it. All artists have to do is create a Topspin ArtistLink account and verify the merch URLs. Now, when a listener is on an artist’s page, they’ll see links taking them to whichever merch site the artist wants.

There is currently a limit - only 3 items of merchandise can be listed on Spotify at any given time.

“We’ve been testing this merchandise functionality with a number of artists over the last month and the response from fans has been fantastic. We’re really excited that Spotify’s 24 million music-loving users can now see merchandise and concerts while listening to their favorite artists, and that we, in turn, can provide additional revenue opportunities for artists of all sizes,” says Spotify’s Mark Williamson.

Those “additional revenues” that Spotify talks about could be the difference in whether or not a new artist chooses to make their music available on the service - as you’re surely well-aware of the reputation Spotify has in some circles concerning how much they actually pay artists per song.

As of now, merch listings are only available for English-speaking countries. That means the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. Additional language support will come eventually, according to Spotify.

Image via Spotify Artists Blog

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