Spike Lee Sued In George Zimmerman Debacle

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Spike Lee found himself in some trouble last year when he sent out what he thought was George Zimmerman's address over Twitter. It was in the fiery aftermath of Trayvon Martin's murder, and everyone wanted answers. After Lee took it upon himself to let the world know who the shooter was, he realized he'd tweeted the wrong address.

It actually belonged to elderly couple Elaine and David McClain, whose son--William George Zimmerman--hasn't lived there in years. The couple immediately began receiving death threats and had to vacate their home out of fear for their safety, and ultimately a settlement was reached with Lee, who genuinely felt bad for the mistake.

“He was really kind,” Elaine McClain said. “And when he called us, you could just tell he really felt bad about it. And it was just a slip, and I just know that he really, really has been concerned.”

However, the couple have accrued thousands more in lawyer fees, damages, and court costs and are now suing Lee for another $15,000. Lee hasn't commented on the latest development, but he did tell Oprah recently that his actions were certainly not the most well thought-out.

“I did a stupid thing when I retweeted supposedly the address,” he told Winfrey during an interview that aired on “Oprah’s Next Chapter” on Sunday. “It was stupid.”

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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