Spider-Man Handing Out Prizes in London Tomorrow


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The video game tie-in for "The Amazing Spider Man" movie launched earlier this week in the U.S., but the British are just now getting their hands on the title. To celebrate the release, Activision and GAME have teamed up to put on a ground-level marketing campaign around London.

Someone dressed in a Spider-Mad costume was the subject of several photo opportunities around popular London tourist attractions today. How GAME can afford a Spider-Man costume is unknown, but Spidey will be back in Central London tomorrow handing out prizes. Fans who find where Spider-Man is hiding on Saturday could win The Amazing Spider Man video game, which is out today in the U.K. for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo 3DS or DS. Other prizes include Spider-Man merchandise or even a trip to New York.


Participants will have to hunt down Spider-Man, though, to win the prizes. Activision stated today that Spider-Man will be "web-slinging his way around town," though that is obviously preposterous. More likely, Spider-Man will be escorted to designated "secret" give-away areas, probably in close proximity to some of the few GAME stores left in the U.K. Clues to Spidey's whereabouts will be given on both the GAME Facebook page and Activision Insider Twitter account.

As bizarre as this marketing ploy may be, I have to admit that the thought of Spider-Man playing hide-and-go-seek around London and handing out prizes cracks me up. It makes me wonder whether the event has been officially sanctioned by Marvel, who should an interest in keeping Spider-Man from becoming a spokesperson.